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Ideas die? on 5/16/2019 7:06:56 PM

Haha, yeah I;m starting to realize. Thank you

Ideas die? on 5/15/2019 1:20:26 PM

Thank you for the words of wisdom. They did help. I want the reader to be able to choose which you they ant the story to go, whether that’s about revenge or redemption, but maybe as a first story, that’s not the angle I should be working towards. Thank you

Ideas die? on 5/14/2019 2:16:40 PM

I'm looking to write my first story, but it seems as though every time I finally feel like I've got the one, I start to write it and sooner rather than later, it dies on me. I don't feel great about writing it. I've done everything that I normally do with real stories, I write out the characters, who they are, their lives, why they matter and why the reader cares about them, but I believe something within the story is not enough to hold a person's attention. My current idea was that a Young Adult who lives in a small town is enlisted to go off and fight in a war, but when he refuses, the kingdom starts to abduct people from his town. Upon them taking his dad, he finally decides to head out to the kingdom.
But where does the story go form there and could it hold the reader's attention? Do they enlist as a knight to fight in the war, hopefully to get their dad back, or do they join the knights to learn how to fight, only to take a stab at the one who stole his dad in the first place? 
It seems like the idea was originally good, but not thought out. I have trouble thinking of where it could go. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Things I could keep in mind, where this story could potentially go, and if it even sounds interesting to you?

New Here on 5/12/2019 10:29:32 AM

Thank you both for your help!

New Here on 5/11/2019 10:36:47 PM

Actually, I was wondering if anyone knew a website where I could easily see my branches with the story I'm working on, cause without that, I have a hard time seeing what I've already done.

New Here on 5/11/2019 10:31:34 PM

Thank you so much. I'll be sure to check some stories. Are there any that you personally recommend?

New Here on 5/11/2019 7:59:11 PM

Hello to the community. I'm uh, well, new here. I really enjoy writing and recently I've felt like writing a "choose your own adventure story". This community seems like a really good/easy way to read stories, get ideas and feedback from others, and to just create your own. I hope people are open to helping me out sometime in the future, show me the ropes...?