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Thanks Giving Break Is Almost Here.But.. on 11/17/2017 2:59:13 PM

I'm very hyped for this break. Mainly because of black Friday, and of course school off for an week. But, as happy as I am. I do have this deep feeling of loneliness. I do have an decent amount of friends, but I always thought if I "Died" my friends and family won't care. Or if I be missing, or if I get sick, etc. ( And No, I didn't forget about my mother, she does help) I don't know why I always have the feeling of loneliness. But this thanks giving break, I would like to conquer the feeling of loneliness. Any help for those who experienced, or have theory's to help?

Complaint Thread on 11/17/2017 2:42:51 PM

The fact that you're blaming your mother is just disgusting. 

Instead of sitting on your ass all day, actually learn how to do stuff before you turn into an adult. 

Actually, did you even asked your mother help, or you just didn't tell her and expect your mother to tell you?

Complaint Thread on 11/17/2017 2:39:01 PM

Wait but why did the rumors spread? What did you do?

Where is the Historical story/section? on 11/14/2017 12:01:16 PM

I'm more interested into Historical story.

And how come there isn't an historical section for those who want to make historical story?
Such as WW2, or WW1, etc. It'd be an intense and fun story game.

Pretty new to this, any advice? on 11/14/2017 10:55:57 AM

Just found this website about an day ago, and I've finished one of the books someone had made.

Any advice for a newbie like me?