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'Tis me, muffin.

I am a writer and fan of various fandoms such as:
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
All Things Marvel

Star Wars
and other such fandoms.

I also am highly interested by many disasters throughout history, namely the disaster of the Titanic, World War II, the American Civil War, the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolutionary War, and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

So yeah.


Disaster at Every Turn

Could you survive the sinking of the Titanic, my dear traveler?

The year is 1912, the month April. You are a passenger on what they're calling the greatest modern ship, an iron behemoth christened the Titanic. Are you ready to board and head on it's first ever oceanic journey to New York? Then come with me, friend, and we shall board together.


Welcome to the Prancing Pony, what can I get you today, fine traveler? A pint of monotony, a supper of a long life in the Shire with sides of lazy summers and endless feasts, and to finish it all off, our signature dessert of a happy ending? Or would you prefer our special- a double helping of Armageddon, with only a quest- not for the faint of heart -to prevent it?

The special it is, then.

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'Tis me, muffin on 8/13/2019 8:54:53 AM

Thanks so much, both of you! :)

Victim harassing teen girls on 8/13/2019 8:53:57 AM

will do, thanks for the info.

Victim harassing teen girls on 8/12/2019 12:02:40 PM

would someone please explain to me what on earth happened here? should I be worried about someone with the username 'victim'?

A Letter to the Next Poster on 8/12/2019 12:01:34 PM

Dear Chanbot,

Yes I did know the right twix is better. 'Tis a simple fact of life. A law of the universe. Not even the reality stone could corrupt this truth.

Dear next poster,

Have you ever worn fuzzy socks and slid around a surface such as the kitchen floor or dance studio?

'Tis me, muffin on 8/12/2019 11:38:18 AM

Thank you!

'Tis me, muffin on 8/12/2019 11:38:08 AM

Oh, thank you so very much! :)

'Tis me, muffin on 8/11/2019 1:00:28 PM

I'll try :)

'Tis me, muffin on 8/11/2019 1:00:09 PM

This conversation has begun to confuse me and I shall take everyone's advice to heart. Again, apologies.

'Tis me, muffin on 8/11/2019 12:57:09 PM

Will do from now on. My sincere apologies.

'Tis me, muffin on 8/11/2019 12:56:49 PM

My extreme apologies, good sir. Was trying to make a good first impression and apparently I very much failed. :/