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Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Post submissions here for those invovled

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Tick tock, the locks unlock.

Hammers of light shook the night.

Beware the harsh smell of sulfur in the air.

The Earth lies scorched here and there.

Humanities last hope is unaware.

And so, the end began…


It all started with a flick of a wrist. The two keys turned and all hell broke loose. Trails of light were seen everywhere, and the sound of the booms echoed for miles around. The unknown was costly for everyone. Two years have gone by since the keys turned, and the world burned. Now you stand a young man who’s sole purpose was to stay alive.

Harsh light streams in through the blinds as you slowly get jostled awake with a hand pushed against your mouth. You reactively grab your knife that lies beside you when you realize that it is Sarah who is waking you up. Sarah is the love of your life; you ran into her the week after the nukes went off and since then you two have clicked. Over time you two developed a deep relationship and now work very well together.


As Sarah continued to push you, she whispered, “John. John. Wake up, some people are outside in the street.”


It takes a second for you to register what she said but when it does you snap to full attention and slowly rise without making a sound. The world is not safe for anyone anymore. Everyone fears everyone and that makes people do stupid things. You and Sarah have always kept a large radius from other survivors and never stayed anywhere for more than a couple days. You get up and together gather both your bedding and weapons. This was the first-time you guys have stayed in a town for more than four days. Silently, the two of you crept out the back door. Once out, you both starts jogging away from the group of people. Luckily nothing happens but your nerves are frazzled, and your nerves are tensed. This was life now. Sleep where you can, scavenge for food wherever, and most importantly avoid others.


“So where to now John?”, Sarah asked as she slowly spun her knife around her hand.

You watch her as you have done a hundred times before answering, “Well, we have already been to Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. So naturally Colorado is next, what do you say.”

Sarah flicks the knife into her sheath, “I like that idea, we can get higher than the clouds.” As she said this, she lets out a small giggle and does a small hop in her step. 


As the days drag on you look at all the destruction from the war slowly getting consumed by nature. At one point you see an old tank, broken and rusted, being used as a nest for a family of racoons. Further along you notice what use to be a small village nothing but the skeletons of homes. No where was left untouched during the war, even small towns were sacked. Humans could not put aside their differences and now barely anything survives. Nearly all cities are gone, flattened. You think about all of this nearly all the time. It is just hard for you to understand why things happened the way it did. The only good thing about all of this to you is that you had no control over it, you could not stop it. You were just a crew member getting paid to build these fancy homes for the wealthy. Wealth does not matter now.


After weeks of walking you finally cross the border into Colorado and now can officially cross it off your list. It is late by the time you do this and slowly the two of you approach a house and circle it a few times to make sure it is not booby trapped. You and Sarah pull out your knives and creep to the front door. Firmly you grab the doorknob and slightly turn it. It is unlocked which is a good sign and the two of you silently step in. You nod at Sarah to check the base floor while you head upstairs. The stairs creak a little as it holds your weight, you stop as you get to the top and listen for any noises that are out of place. You wait a couple moments and finally head to the first room. The door is open and is empty besides a bed and dresser, looks to be a guest room. The next room you check, the door is shut and so you slowly push it open. It is pitch black so you must flip the light on. You ready your knife and on the count of two you flick it on. A brilliance white blinds you but it is enough to see that it is only a polished bathroom. As you turn it off and shut the door, you are left with one more door at the end of a short hallway. You put your hand on the door and give it a small push. The light from outside gives the room a little light and here you find the master bedroom. It appears someone packed up quickly with clothes thrown around, you check the closest and the bathroom and find them empty. Satisfied that the upstairs is clear you, head back downstairs to check on Sarah.


As you round the staircase, you look around and do not see Sarah anywhere in the living room. You whisper out her name and hear no response. You crouch and begin to creep towards the kitchen. As you peer around the door, nothing is out of the ordinary, shelves are bare, cabinets are open, the fridge is silent. You slide by the counters and check the dining room. That is when you see Sarah lying on the floor. You hurriedly kneel beside her head and check her pulse. It’s faint but it is there, and you breathe a sigh of relieve. Someone must have done this, so you slightly tilt your head and listen. You hear a soft footstep behind you and spin raising your knife in a defensive position. Just as your eyes move to the attacker, a solid blow hits the side of your head once. Your ears are ringing, and you drop your arm to help hold your body up when a second blow slams your body on the ground. The last thing you see is a man standing in-between you and Sarah before you black out.


Your head is throbbing. Whimpering, someone is whimpering near you. Painfully you open your eyes and see you are still in the dining room. You try and move your hands and find them taped behind your back. Grunting you finally lift your head up to see Sarah is the one whimpering. Her mouth is taped shut and she is tied up similarly to you. Together you both sit on the ground facing each other, only ten feet apart. Somewhere down the hall you hear someone whistling a tune and walking towards the dining room. You are watching the doorway when the man who attacked you and Sarah appears. He stops whistling once he notices that you are finally awake.


“Well, well, well, look who finally decided to join us.” The man taunted while slowing kneeling in front of you.


You tried to say something but all that is heard is mumbling.


“No, no, now is not the time to speak.” After he said this, he balled his hand into a fist and rocked it against your head.


Your eyes roll but you fight to remain conscious. You watch as he stands up and looks down at you, he gives a nod and seems satisfied. He crosses to Sarah and brings out her knife. Slowly he glides it along her stomach, slicing through her shirt and cutting faintly into her skin, enough to draw blood. Seeing this makes your heart race and you begin to pull your arms apart, trying to loosen your bonds. The man is just watching you, amusement in his eyes. The man now raises the knife and with a quick move, thrust the knife all the way through her leg. You hear her scream under the tape, and you pull harder on your arms. You continue watching the man’s eyes and feel a slight tear happen on the tape holding your wrist together.  The man lets go of the knife and goes over to a pile of items on the table. From here he lifts your knife enough for you to see it. You finish tearing enough of the tape to know you can rip it apart when you need to. The man eyes you once more and stands next to Sarah.


“So, which hand should I start with? Or should I start with the toes?” He chuckles and moves to her side.


The moment he turned to look at her hand you tear the tape apart and spring at the man. You took him by surprise and suddenly you are on the man with your knife deep in his neck. Slowly you get up, your head is still pounding, and you can barely stand. You cut the tape holding her arms and remove the tape from her mouth. Instead of crying she is just watching you. She raises her hand and pats you on the cheek. Soft at first and then harder.


“Hey, come on, it is okay. You have to see.” You watch as Sarah says these things, yet it isn’t her voice.


Suddenly she slaps you hard across the face, hard enough to split your lip. Then everything rushed in at once. You never jumped up and killed the man. You simply blacked out after the man stabbed Sarah. The man rises again and watches you for a second more. He nods again and heads over to Sarah. He whispers something in her ear, and she begins whimpering louder. As he is whispering, he grasps the knife in her leg and quickly pulls it out and buries it deep in her stomach. You scream under your tape and thrust forward but the tape holding your wrist stays firm and you flop on your stomach. You peer up at Sarah and see that she is already fading from the blood that is pooling around her. The man still holding the blade tears it straight up her chest and then yanks it out. Her body falls forwards only a couple inches from you, motionless. You begin to cry and try to move closer to her when the man pulls your hair back and whispers the worst thing you would ever hear in your life…


“That was quick, what we have planned will be anything but fast.” The last thing you hear before he slams your head against the floor is his daunting laugh.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago
The actual writing on this is impressively good. The whole thing just drew me right in. Although it was a little disappointing that it seemed to almost switch genres near the end there to one I'm not as enthusiastic about.

I can't believe you were dumb enough to get indentured servanted, you should be working on a storygame.

Oh, and Humanities should be Humanity's in the opening.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Thanks Miizal, It was meant to be longer and not change genre but change of plans changed my timeframe and I had to work with what I had time for.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago
This was cool and had better writing than expected. I like nuclear apocalyptic stuff. Felt weird to read about so much stabbing and no shooting.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Yeah, I know but I wanted to try a different route and I was going to add a big like oh moment but I didn’t have time. It was going to be that 2 years  ago an invasion happen from unknown entities(aliens). I wanted to make it sound like a nuclear holocaust first and then bam it’s not. I never said bombs were dropped on each other. I just reference that bombs were launched. Anyways 2 years after the invasion most weapons like guns were gone because of last stands with Them. They hunted down any resistance and blah blah. So guns no no.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago
Sounds like you have another story to write. Storygame time maybe.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

This was also why I said Humanities, which the correction has been told to me. Also why I said the unknown was costly for everyone, because no one knows if there is life out there. 

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

In Azuri Kingdom, the way of life is quite drastically different from any other place in the world. Wherever you go, there is bound to be some sort of supernatural phenomenon waiting for you. To the densely forested North, the humans fight in a war against a race of gray brutes, and on the southern shores, pirates and crooked international navies run amok. The Eastern parts of Azuri are mountainous stretches of lands filled to the brim with nymphs and harpies, to whom many adventurers meet their demise. Then of course, there lies the swamps in the Western stretches of Azuri -- the lands where I grew up.

Unlike most of Azuri, the western swamps were almost peaceful. With the recent increase of piracy and arbitrary arrests on the waters down South, not very many merchants passed through these parts, which meant that everyone had to support themselves, and with less visitors, the locals did became quite isolated. Tradition rather than monarchy holds more power here -- which is just as well, considering that the lord’s men only comes around these parts to collect taxes, and nothing more.

However, that does not matter, for we have set up a community, a society, of our own. We are proficient in magic, and we have sufficient munitions. Our crime rate is low, and we are not struck by poverty. In fact, I could almost say that our community -- our society -- is perfect. I would, if only if it weren’t for the villain hiding out in the forest, if only he wasn’t capturing us at random, one at a time. Of course, it pains me to say that I am not part of something perfect, so as the village’s iconic hero figure, it is time for me to make the Western Swamps perfect.

“Alright men, are you ready to trek into the swamps?” I ask the small group of men that volunteered to assist on my quest. They all looked nervous, but they each nodded, confirming that they are ready for this dangerous journey. Nobody knew who the villain was  — or even how he operated. All we had to go on was that he would capture civilians at random, regardless of status or power, and they would never be seen again. Of course, there had also been people who attempted to seek out the villain in the swamps — but they, too, never returned. And now, as the four of us stand at the swamp’s edge, the chances of us returning home beyond this point were slim. Regardless, with one deep breath, I marched into the swamps, and my men faithfully followed.


Ren sits at his desk, studying his notes. To anyone else, the notes would seem like a clutter of scientific nonsense, but to him, it was so much more. This clutter of scientific nonsense means so much more to him than anything else in the world, than even the most alluring of deities. Of course, it wasn’t the mad scribbles in the journal that he loved so much — no, it was the inevitable fruition of his efforts that was soon to come.

Collecting his quill and a vial of ink from his desk, Ren dips his quill and begins to write.

*Experiment 7 : Species-Conversion Module*

Ren proceeds to fill most of the page with complicated charts and tables, willing to perfect his plans. Of course, his writing is soon interrupted by the shouting of his current captive, who has somehow managed to remove her gag.

“Where am I, you crazy bastard?!” The captive screams, and with a sigh, Ren opens another drawer in his desk, pulling out a device shaped like a bell. The captive, seeing this, starts to feel dread and fear. “What is that thing? Why am I here?!” As she shouts her pointless questions, Ren walks across the room, reaching for something at the top of the shelf. Helpless, the captive watches as the man retrieves something that looks like a collar and combines it with the other device he was wearing. Despite being relatively braver than her peers, she begins to panic. “What do you want from me?! Why do you want me d-dead!” her voice catches at the final question.

“Relax, dear,” Ren assures his prisoner. “Please now, I do not believe in murder, you will be fine.” As he says this, he walks back to his open journal, where he double checks some things, pushing a few buttons on the collar-looking device. “Please, dear, tell me your name.”

The woman, fearing fer her life, answers honestly. “My name is… Netoyama.” For several seconds, Ren stares blankly ahead. Upon coming back to his senses, he mumbles something unintelligible. “W-What are you saying?” Netoyama asks, and Ren looks at her.

“I said, Experiment 7 has begun,” Ren states, “And your new name shall be, *Nekoyama.” With that, Ren begins to apply the collar to the captive — who futilely attempts to resist.


After several perilous hours of trekking through the swamps, the four of us have become terribly sore. To make matters worse, we have not found the slightest hint as to where the villain might be. The team’s morale is in a bad enough shape, and if we do not find anything worthwhile, I fear my men would turn around and walk home. Alas, there is not much I can do, so I march onward with my men, silently wishing to find anything out of the ordinary to capture my mens’ attention.

Of course, life works in twisted ways. A couple a minutes after the thought, a throwing dagger found its way into the shoulder of one of my men, and his yelps snapped the rest of us to attention. Ready for battle, we survey our surroundings, looking for our enemies. Naturally, they are hidden in the wetlands, but I have expected that.

“Fís de réir teasa,” I mutter, and my vision is enhanced, allowing me to easily identify a person from the environment. Strangely enough, however, there is only one person hidden in the foliage around us — are there no other enemies, or do they just have superior magic? Refusing to believe the latter, I call out to my men, “There is but one opponent. This will easy!”

The ensuing battle was not easy. There was only one person, it turned out, but they were extremely fast — almost as if from enhancement magic, but they just didn’t get tired. No, they fought for a while, so quickly that I was unable to get a look at their face — let alone get a solid hit on them. My men, also unable to land a solid blow, were dealt with quickly; alive, but unconscious. Not even two minutes have passed, but I was the last one standing. I ready my blade and mutter another spell, “Luas.”


Even though it was a boring, menial task, Nekoyama dutifully patrolled the swamp surrounding her master’s base, just like she was told to. Even though it was sounded dreadfully dull, she did not complain at her master’s orders because she had some thoughts she needed to clear out. Occasionally, she would envision a young lady that looked just like her — lacking the ears, tail, and collar, of course — doing different things in a different place. These visions were strangely vivid, almost as if they were memories, but that couldn’t be true — could it?

Luckily, her conflicting mindset was united together upon hearing heavy stomping mixed with the snapping of branches and the rustling of leaves — intruders! With no time to waste, she quickly ran to the nearest bush and dived in. The people, four in number, it seemed, looked bored and tired, easy kills by any definition. However, her master specifically told her to keep any intruder she sees alive, and she does not want to go against her master’s wishes. So picking up a throwing dagger from a special sleeve in her belt, she aimed slightly to the side of the center of mass and threw.


With my improved speed from my previous spell, I was able to keep up with the attacker’s movements easily enough. While I have not yet been able to get a clear look on my opponent’s face, the attacker does have a feminine physique, and… does she have cat ears and a tail? I chuckle to myself at the realization that she is a completely different type of crazy cat lady, when I hear a surprised yelp. Quickly glancing at my opponent, it would seem that I have managed to grab her by the tail — in which case, I have won the battle.

With that resolution in mind, I keep a tight grasp on my attacker’s tail, and move my other hand up to her head. “Yield, or I will be forced to use lethal force!” I shout at her, ready to bark the next spell should then need arise. However — just like I planned — she accepts defeats and yields. After I am certain that she won’t run away, I release her tail, and then I see her face clearly for the first time — a face I recognize in an instant.

“Netoyama!” I gasp in shock. I do a double take, which makes me even more certain it’s my old friend — although Netoyama doesn’t have ears or a tail. Or a collar, which is looking suspicious for some strange reason.

“It is Nekoyama,” Neto defiantly responds, when she suddenly gets up — causing her collar to chime, probably because of the bell. However, you can’t shake the gut instinct that the collar is evil, and your gut has never been wrong. So you raise a dagger, and in the very next moment, you lunge at Netoyama.


Ren reads through certain pages of his journal, double checking some important data. There has been many delays and hardships, but regardless, he is euphoric. After all, he is just around the corner to recognizing his life dream — he is almost there! Still though, he wonders to himself if releasing Nekoyama into the swamps were a good idea — what if she runs into any people? Around a dozen miles to the East stands a decently sized village, which is where he gets a lot of his test subjects from. Unfortunately, a lot of assassins also come from the village, undoubtedly to recover the people Ren captured. However, he is not evil, so why must the others treat him as so?

Ren knows that kidnapping random people from the village is bad, but it isn’t as if he is doing anything bad to them. No, he makes sure his subject are absolutely safe, and he grants them things one can only get using science — eternal youth and cuteness! Ren has only good intentions, and once the village realized that, he will no longer be a feared villain, but a hero among men!

“…Eh?” Ren mutters to himself after noticing a highlighted chart in his journal. The chart illustrates the relationship between collar use time and subject obedience, but a note was made stating that if the collar was taken off before a full day of use then the subject will become disobedient! If that is the case, then releasing Nekoyama into the wild was a mistake! Desperately hoping she is okay, silently begging her to remain hidden, he grabs his finest weapon - an L-shaped wand he calls a firearm, and runs outside.


“Do you remember now?” I ask Netoyama, who has seemed to return to her senses upon destroying the collar. She still has the cat ears and tail, which would be sad if it weren’t so adorable. I push that thought out of my head as I listen to her response.

“Yes,” Netoyama states, “I believe I was the most recent of seven captives.”  If none of the other 6 victims returned, then they must be dead. What was that sick bastard planning on doing to Netoyama, anyway?

I begin to ask what happened to the other victims, but I am cut off promptly. “They aren’t dead,” Netoyama states, “Master… I mean, Ren has told me that several fled north when his devices failed, and they later returned and captured the other captives a little while after.” She looks at the ground, then sighs. “You know, Ren thinks he is doing the world a favor. I mean, he is still a deluded lunatic that probably has a cat fetish, but I don’t think he is evil.” She states, looking at me after to gauge my reaction. I still think this Ren guy should be put down, but damn, the ears and tail did not do Netoyama any injustice. My men behind me begin to groan — they are finally waking up — when one of them loudly alerts me.

“Captain! There is a man approaching us!” the man screams as the rest groggily reaches for their weapons. I quickly order my men to stand down and reach forward, ready to cast a fire bolt should the man prove to be a threat.

The man, even with no breath to spare, sprints over, proceeding to point an awkwardly shaped wand at me. “Do not move, my magic is a hell of a lot faster than your magic,” he boldly claims, then he addresses my old friend. “Nekoyama, are you alright?! Is that man from the Northern Forests? Do you…” he trails off upon realizing that Netoyama’s collar has been removed.

“Truaill,” I mutter, and the wand slips out of the man’s hands, making an impossibly loud noise upon hitting the ground. Hang on — did that man call her Nekoyama? That must be Ren! In that case, killing him will be easy. “Bolt Ti—”

I am interrupted by a kick to my stomach, and I involuntarily fall to my knees. “You know, hero,” Netoyama says, “You can kill this guy for a meager award, that won’t make your village perfect, will it?” she asks, and I recall my motivation for coming out here in the first place. If I kill him, then the villagers will be able to sleep easy, but that won’t bring back the lost! Wait — the lost…

“Hey villain — Ren, is it?” I ask the guy, who is trying but failing to pick up the explosive wand, “You created this mess, so you will help us clean up. Take us North, and help us recover the other 6 you have stolen. In exchange, we will let you live.


Ren looks up at the man. He is not someone from the North, but in that case, how did he know about the others that were captured? Probably from Nekoyama — who knows how long her collar was off. After a moment, he answers honestly. “I agree to your terms. I will help you recover the others, and I will capture no more people from your village to work my magic on them — although the latter is your loss.”

Despite the man looking like he wanted to kill Ren, he starts marching North, and everyone else follows suit. Ren quickly increases his pace to catch up — but surprisingly, the man falls back to the back of the crowd. “Hey,” the man whispered to him as the others dutifully marched onward, “I still think you are a damned creep, but… thanks.” With that, the man returns back to his quick pace, taking back his position in the front. 

Ren, on the other hand, considers the words. Perhaps, he might still be able to be a hero among men after all. For the time being though, it was time to rescue the other six subjects.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago
Wow you really wrote about a catgirl. Lar knew exactly what was up.

Anyhow I'm going to read this again when I'm more awake, lot of POV switching going on.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Sorry, I was mostly asleep when I wrote it. Can I blame this on sleep writing? Besides, it seems like there aren't many good stories featuring catgirls, so maybe half-asleep me was onto something. I'm probably going to be the one sentenced to a day and a half in hell.


Hang on, 1.5k story?! Did I seriously write a 2.6k? Why was it switched up! Poor tired me from yesterday will never forgive this act of horrendous cruelity.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago
You actually wrote a catgirl story. Wow.
You have a problem.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

You are probably correct. However, there is a market for good catgirl stories and I took advantage blush

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago
He played to the judge and won.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago
Well, I can respect that.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Cameron's family was very traditional. They had a list of rules that must be followed, or punishment would ensue. These punishments ranged from the softest punishment, being grounded for a month, to the most severe, getting disowned. An example of the former being talking back, an example of the latter would be have sex before marriage.


He had one sister, though used to have two before one had gotten drunk with her friends and got a DUI. After that his parents had disowned her, and the family was down to two. His father was a priest, and his mother organized all the church activities. These ranged from mission trips, to where the donations were spent. His one sister is twelve years old and is very shy. She looks up to her brother, because in the household he is the only one she can talk to about her life.


Cameron himself was sixteen, and stayed away from the house as much as possible. When they could Cameron would take his sister, Alexandra, to a spot in an old abandoned junk yard. Here they would talk and complain. They would laugh and cry. They were closer than most siblings, and though they fought that bound pressed on through the hardest times.


Cameron also did not have many friends, using most of his time out of school reading or studying. When he was not doing that he was with his sister. His parents were very strict on them not having any “vile” technology. This meant not TV, no computer, and he did not get a phone until he was fifteen. He was only allowed to call and text on his phone. Anything else was unexceptable.


Though he did not have any friends at first, at the beginning of his sophomore year he met Lily. They talked and learned they shared many common interests, mainly reading. She came from a non-religious family and was surprised at many of his stories, such as the time they locked him in the “cleansing closet” for twenty four hours, because he was found masterbating. It was a dark closet with no light and three times a day they pushed a loaf of bread and two bottles of water through a locked slot.


One day he took her to meet his sister in their hangout spot. His sister had been teasing him about it the day before when he told her about it, so he nervous she would embarrass him. Thankfully when they walked up she just laughed. After he scolded her, Lily started talking to his sister about rules in the house. After told Alexandra her that makeup was outlawed, Lily looked shocked. She went to her car and took out her makeup bag. She then proceeded to give Lily the first bottle of lipstick she had ever owned. She asked if Alexandra wanted more but she declined the offer.


It’s hard to express the joy Alexandra felt as that lipstick had been handed to her. Even though the punishment was being grounded to the house for six months, she would happily take the risk if it meant she could be normal for a change. Even if it is only by herself. After they headed back home and Lily got in her car Alexandra whispered in his ear, “Keep this one for me.”


A few weeks after this happens Cameron and Lily are officially together. Of course Cameron doesn’t tell his parents this. They would definitely reject, especially due to the fact she was not religious. Nevertheless they celebrated at the junkyard when it happened. Alexandra even on her precious lipstick for the occasion.


By the time their relationship had hit three months they hung out at the junkyard around four to five times a week. Eventually things progressed and Cameron was giving permission to go over to his, "friend's" house to study


While Cameron did go over to her house they did very little studying. They talked and watched TV. This is significant, for Cameron is not allowed TV at all so he has had very little experience with this vast new world. After awhile they got bored and started to make out.


After they finished Cameron backed away blushing and Lily sat there with a stupid grin on her face, "You know this is my first time every kissing anybody, right?" Cameron said shyly.


"What?! That's why you're so embarrassed!"


"Ya and what if I am?" He retorted.


"Don't get so worked up about it! I think it's cute."


His pride damaged he turned his head, " Okay… well I… need to get home!"


She laughed and said, "Alright, this was fun… WIMP! With that she burst out laughing, as he says nothing and leaves.


Thinking about it while driving home, he realizes that this was one of the best events of his life. Not only did he get to watch TV for the first time, he also made out with a girl for the first time. Not only that, but he got to spend an afternoon with one of his two favorite people. Besides his sister, she meant more than anyone else to him. It also might have to do with the fact that his parents would flip their shit if they knew he not only had a girlfriend, but made out with her too. The thought amused him so greatly he pondered it for a moment, for if they ever did find out he had no idea what would happen. They would not disown him, but it would be disastrous. He must keep it a secret at all costs.


Once he got home his mother were in the living room waiting for him. As he walked through the door she scowled at him.


'What is it mother? I am two minutes before my curfew."


"Well you sure did cut it close. Anyway disregarding that your father wishes for you to see him in his office. We are not pleased with you."


Confused he walked downstairs to his father's office. He had no idea what was going on, though it could not be good. He enters the room and takes a seat.


"So son, what do you have to say for yourself?' He crosses his arms matter of factly.


"I have no idea what you mean? Did I do something wrong?"


"What do you mean 'did you do something wrong'?! You have a B in physics! A B! All your life you have excelled! You have been enrolled in the highest level classes your grade offers, and you bring home a B! That's it, you will be confined to your room besides school. You will have food brought to you and have a package if water bottles to drink. This will happen for one year. Though if you get a B again… I'll make you wish you were never born! Now leave me!"


Cameron walks out of the room stunned. He had been focusing on Lily so much that his grades slipped without him knowing. He was still studying, but instead of averaging six hours on school days and ten on non school days he let them both drop to around four hours and six hours. Still respectable but enough for physics, his worst subject, to fall to a 89.3. Now he could not even be around his sister, much less Lily. Whatever is he to do about this situation.


He is in his room studying when his first story window started making noise. At first he ignored it till he realized it was Lily banging on his window.


In a frantic panic he opens it and hisses, "What are you doing here?! I told you what happened!."


"Ya I know but if we get back before dawn you can get back before they wake up. We need to show them that they can't control your life!"


"What are you suggesting?"


She smiles as she she says, "You know what I'm suggesting. Protected of course… but do you want to."


Shocked by the weight of the choice he miles it over, 'Fine, but before dawn okay?"


'Before dawn," she repeats.


The next morning they wake up to an alarm. It's still dark outside, and its four o'clock. Plenty if time to make it back. He goes out through her window, as she follows him. They go back in her car so she can drop him off and he can get back. As he climbs through his window, he notices that his light is on. He doesn't remember turning it on but turns it off, and sleeps.


The next morning at nine he wake up and he sees a note on the door. It reads "Come to the living room at ten o'clock." He thinks nothing of it and reads. When his alarm for ten goes off he enters the room to see his mom and dad on the couch, with his sister crying.


As he looks around he says, "What is going on?"


His mother shakes her head as her voice cracks, "Where were you last night. You better not lie to us, because if you do I'm going to disown you here and now!"


While it would be smarter to lie, his instincts get the better of him, "I was over at my friend Lily's house. I'm so sorry, but I just wanted to hang out." He is sounding desperate.


"What relationship do you have with this girl?"


"She is my… um… girlfriend. But we didn't do anything, I swear!"


"Okay then, we are going there now, me and you alone. Head to the car now!"


As he pulled into their driveway, he tries to calm himself down. Not even her parents know what happened last night. He is safe.

When they walked in Lily's parents were confused but Cameron's mom explained everything.


Then in the middle of it all Lily's dad bursts into anger,"So that is why we found a condom rapper in the trash! Lily you are grounded for a month. As for Cameron's mom, I am very sorry I let this happen. I will see to it Lily gets punished, as I hope you see to it that Cameron gets his." With that he and his mom walk out of the house.


It has been one month since they had their little sleepover. The process has been filled out. Cameron is no longer their son, and has been taken in by the nearest orphanage. While they are responsible for his well being he can pretty much do as he pleases, and he does such. After Lily is ungrounded he goes and sees her and apologizes to her parents, and explaining his situation to them. They sympathize with him.


"Want to know the funniest thing Lily?"




"What they thought was the ultimate punishment, was the ultimate freedom."

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

    I woke up to the familiar sounds of gunshots from the street. Two raider groups, from the sound of it. Everything had gone to shit since the plague hit 4 years ago. There was no forewarning, no early symptoms. One day a person could be completely normal, and the next they would become Changed. The infected person’s eyes would go milky white, they’d hunch over, and spines would grow on their back. Normally this wouldn’t have been a big deal, if not for the side effects the change had on people’s minds. Any pet peeves the person had developed in their unchanged life would be increased tenfold. For example, if someone got annoyed by fast breathing, then fast breathing would cause the Changed person to fly into a murderous rage. This has led to some big problems. Mass murders occurred on the streets, and governments eventually broke down. Raiders began to claim different sections of cities, and suddenly everyone lived under oppressive militant regimes. And that all leads to my situation today. I’d been doing some covert research, and learned about a community in Canada that was free of raiders and Changed. It was known as a paradise. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to get there. I planned to try. Late last night, I prepped a van with fuel and food, and packed a bag of clothes. All I had left to do was leave. Slowly standing up, I grabbed my revolver and some spare ammunition from the table, my clothing bag, and a chunk of bread. As I walked to my van I stuffed the bread into my mouth and checked my gun to make sure it wouldn’t get jammed. After pulling open the trunk and throwing my clothes in, I sat down into the driver's seat the car and pulled out of my small garage. Goodbye forever, I thought as drove away from my home for the past 4 years. As I drove, I slid a CD into my car and began to listen to some Jazz. It would be a long ride.


    After about 5 hours of driving, I realized I was going to need a refill on fuel. I slowed the van to a stop, and began to walk around to the trunk to take out the extra fuel I had stored. As I gripped the opener of the trunk, a bullet suddenly whizzed past my head. Startled, I jumped backwards and took cover behind the van. I pulled out my revolver and cocked it for firing. As I peeked around the side of the van to get a good look at my attacker, a blunt object struck me in the back of the head and I fell unconscious.


    I awoke to the sight of 3 scavengers staring down at me. They carried massive shotguns, and had tattoos lining their arms. I blinked a couple of times before I realized that my hands weren’t tied.


    The scavengers pulled me up and pushed me away, before one of them stated, “We just wanted your food. Provide us with no conflict and we will let you leave with your life.”


    I frowned, confused. “Thanks?” I stammered, “I’ll just be going then…” I slowly backed away towards my van. When I reached the door, I pulled it open and jumped into the driver’s seat. As soon as I was inside, I slammed my foot down on the gas pedal and sped away down the dusty road. As soon as I was far enough away, I slowed down and began to freak out. I had been so close to death, and yet had still gotten away. If I continued to have this kind of luck on my journey, I would reach the Canadian community in no time! With a new burst of confidence to lead me forward, I continued to drive towards my goal.


    When night finally fell, I realized that I might not have been as lucky with those scavengers as I thought. I was hungry from the long day of traveling, and the scavengers had taken all of my food. This left me with a problem. I could either not eat, and risk hunger, or I could attempt to steal some food from other scavengers or travelers. I quickly assessed my materials: an old van, a t-shirt and jeans, and a 6-shot revolver. I did not have the equipment necessary to attack a scavenger group. For tonight, at least, I would go hungry. I moved over to the bench in the back seat of my van and laid down across it. Within minutes I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of the paradise I was traveling towards.


    As the sun rose, light speared through the van windows, rousing me from my rest. I sat up slowly, yawning and stretching my arms. Time for another awesome day of driving, I thought to myself. I opened the door and climbed back into the driver's seat. I started up the ignition and began to drive off again. As I was driving, I saw a figure walking in the middle of the road and slammed my foot onto the breaks. I screeched to a stop, just feet in front of the standing figure. Fingering my revolver, I stepped out of the van and walked up to the figure.


    “Who are you?” I demanded, hand locked firmly on the grip of my gun.


    The figure turned around, and I could see that I was just a normal man. “Woah! Calm down,” the man said, “I just saw you driving and was wondering if I could get a ride with you.”


    Hand still held firmly onto my gun, I responded, “I’m heading to the paradise community in Canada. There is room in my van, if you are willing and swear not to cause any trouble.


    The man smiled. “Thanks. Sure I’ll come with you. The name is Brett by the way,” he said. I waved him over to my van and he sat down into the seat beside me. With a new companion to talk with, this trip would pass by a lot faster. For the remainder of the day, I drove and talked with Brett, both of us sharing stories of our lives after the plague. Eventually, the sun fell below the horizon, and both us retired for the night.


    I woke up to a searing hot pain tearing down my back. I screamed and jumped out of the car, grabbing my revolver and spinning around. I was was met with milky white eyes staring back at me. Brett had become Changed. I quickly backed away from him, observing his hunched over and shined body.


    He stared at me for a few seconds, before bellowing, “STOP SNOOOORING!” He charged towards me, swinging his arms and attempting to break my neck. Terrified, I let out a small shriek, and began to run in the opposite direction. I ran for about 100 yards before realizing that it was useless. He would catch up with me, regardless of how long I ran for. Upon coming to this realization, I turned back around, finger against the trigger of my gun. Just as the Changed stumbled closer to me, I raised my gun and shot it straight in the forehead. A loud BANG rang out, and the Changed’s head snapped backwards, blood running down its face. I sighed in relief, and began to walk away. Just as I was back in my van, I saw a hulking shape running towards me. Brett hadn’t died, and it was coming for me. I quickly slammed down on the gas pedal, and sped away from the area. In a panicked haze, I drove mindlessly for a full hour before finally taking a rest to assess what had just happened. I had almost died. Again. I really needed to get to this paradise community soon. I continued to drive down the road, zoning out from reality in order to prevent any further breakdowns.


    Two days had passed since my confrontation with the Changed. I was still pretty shaken, despite having plenty of time to deal with the situation. I had just had too many near-death experiences in the past few days for my liking. As I continued to mull over this thought, I noticed an abandoned road station. The Canadian border! I finally had a chance to find this community! As I drove through over the border, I cheered quietly to myself, celebrating this step towards my goal. Then a tranquilizer dart hit me in the neck. I began to feel woozy and confused. Not quite able to understand what was going on. I slowed down the car and stepped out onto the road. Then I promptly slumped over and passed out.


    I woke up on a comfortable bed inside of a white building. I sat up, and began to realize where I was. Could this be the paradise community I had been searching for? A woman in a lab coat stepped up to me and smiled. In a soothing voice she said, “Hi. I’m Dr. Brighton. Welcome to the last safe place on Earth. I hope you can find a way to make a new life here. Sorry about the sedatives, but we can’t have people knowing about our location. Overcrowding could lead to our downfall.”


    In response, I just let out a loud laugh and cheer. I had finally done it. Paradise.

Day 5: Free for All 1.5k story

5 months ago

Quotes for reviews for each entriees


"The only reason fic really beat you was because he put more time into world building, but then again you were busy working, Add more world building and more fleshed out dialgoue and you can probably nab first place next time. You really did well on the descriptons.


Serpent, I can see you tried, you really did. And in some parts of this story I actually liked it. But you made some of the dialogue ridiculous, and some of the situations ridiculous. I’m not going to give you the one day hell punishment, because I know you tried your best with this. But take all of this advice into consideration when you work on your next entry because I actually want to see how you’ll improve.

C6; I liked your writing, and the plot element about infected people getting enhanced from their annoyances. But you had to many coincedances and the ending seemed a bit rushed, still readnig it was fun and I can see you winning first place if you fixed a few things here and there, good job with your entry.

Fiscean: You knew you were gonna win you fucking slut, dont try to hide it. Everything was great, the worldbuilding, the charachters, the descriptons, the length. It was just the POV switches that made me have to go back and re-read a few things here and there, but the quality was great and I want to read more of what you have to write, good job for getting first place.

1st: Fiscean