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Microelectronic Circuits 7th ed. Sedra/Smith

11 months ago
Colloquially known in the field and academia as "Sedra" it's one of the most valuable reference books for semiconductor physics, MOS technology, and basic frequency response. It's excessively well written and personable tone make it an absolute must for students in electrical engineering.

I basically have to read this or I'm fucked in June. Come the month of June I will enter the most difficult course in the program according to my seniors and the teacher who teaches it so hopefully that pressure will motivate me to actually read and understand the material.

I hope to cover something about each topic presented, but I may end up summarizing entire chapters. The short table of contents is as follows:

  1. Electronics and semiconductors
  2. Op-amps
  3. Diodes
  4. BJTs
  5. MOSFETs
  6. Transistor Amplifiers
  7. Building blocks of IC amplifiers
  8. Differential and multistage amplifiers
  9. Frequency response
  10. Feedback
  11. Output stacges and power amps
  12. Op-amp circuits
  13. Filters and tuned amps
  14. Signal generators and waveform-shaping circuits
  15. CMOS digital logic circuits
  16. Advanced topics in digital IC design
  17. Memory circuits