Common Buttons (Edited/modernized by JJJ)

by Havacoman

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Welcome to the site!  This is probably the first thing you are looking at.  It teaches you the interface of the site.  You may know a few things from just getting to this page!

The first things about the site you need to learn are the buttons to the left. Look above and you will see in the top left corner the words My Adventure Game .

Games will take you to the games screen. You get to play any games published right now.

My Stuff is a member only feature and will take you to your portfolio if I can call it that.

Forums takes you to the chat part of the site. To the message board.

LogOn/Off takes you to the log on/log off/registration area.

The new features on the site have effected what those buttons do. Mainly Log on. If you are logged on it will ask if you want to log off.

The next section is the 4 tabs above the words Forums > Newbie Central Anything can be below those 4 tabs, but no matter what they don't ever change position.

Now look at the bottom of the page. There is a Who Is Online feature. The guest counter is in a way inaccurate. Below that it shows which members are on. I asked for this feature to help Me in the forums. You may ignore it completely if you like.

There is also a Help & Info section (which you know about since you are reading this) which can give you interesting Factoids and or help about