Storygame Categories

by Sethaniel

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Which category does your storygame belong in?  Often, it's a matter of opinion, but there are a few specific rules to follow.  
Here follow a description of each of the categories on the CYS website, with some advice for determining which category best fits your storygame. In addition, the rules behind things like Featured Stories and Top 5 Stories for New Users are explained.


Each category has up to 6 Featured Stories, which you can see listed in the category box above the list of [XX Total Storygames.]  The Featured Stories are selected by site Admins, and new stories may replace old ones when worthy.

Place your storygame in the Category that best represents the overall theme/setting of the story.  You can use tags to indicate other elements which may be present.

Example: A storygame about a knight questing to save a princess from a dragon:
-If the story is about all the knight's different adventures, and in the end he and the princess fall in love, that story is most likely Fantasy, with the Romance tag.
-If the story is mainly about the relationship between the knight and the princess, then it would belong to Love and Dating, with Fantasy as a tag.

Fantasy Adventure:

A popular category, any original storygames with fantasy elements can fit here.

Modern Adventure:

An all-purpose category for any stories set in today's world.

Sci-Fi Adventure:

A category for storygames set in the future, or on alien planets.


Stories written to educate the reader.  If you wrote a story for a class assignment, it probably belongs here. If the game is a quiz with no/minimal plot, it belongs to Everything Else.


This category is ONLY for stories which are actually set in a school.  
Stories written for school belong in Edutainment.


Stories with a strong puzzle-solving element, or an overall plot of solving a mystery.  
If the entire storygame is a puzzle with no story, it probably belongs to Everything Else.
Quizzes are not puzzles, they are Everything Else.

Fan Fiction:

ALL storygames using the characters, setting, or premise of other properties belong here.  
Regardless of whether your story has elements of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Love, or Horror, if it is based on a pre-existing book, movie, game, etc. it belongs to Fan Fiction. 


A category for scary storygames.  Lots of overlap with Mystery/Puzzle, Sci-Fi, Modern, and Fantasy.
If you feel your story belongs here, go for it.

Love and Dating:

If the primary focus of your story is romance or relationships, it belongs here. 

Everything Else:

Games that don't quite fit into any of the established categories.  Especially games that have very little plot or characterization, and/or are mainly focused on one particular puzzle.
All Quizzes belong here, not in Edutainment.


Computer-Determined Categories:

The stories in these categories are placed there based on pre-programmed rules.

Newly Created Storygames:

Your new storygame will appear automatically in this category at the bottom of the page. 

Top Rated Storygames:

These stories are automatically selected from among the highest rated games on the site.  The algorithm first looks for 8s, then proceeds to 7s. It considers all 7s equal, and randomly selects from among them.

Thus, if you refresh the page, you'll see that the list of games changes.  


The Home Page

These stories are set by the admins, based on site member input.  Although the 5 stories remain the same, their position in the list changes when the page is refreshed, since they're not ranked in order, they're just all good stories. 

Top 5 Storygames for New Users

These stories are simple to navigate.  More story than game, it's impossible to get stuck and be unable to finish.

Top 5 Advanced Storygames

These are more game than story.  There will be puzzle solving, stats to keep track of, items to use-- you'll most likely be unable to reach the end simply clicking through links.