Raven's Beginner Guide to Writing Styles

by Raven47

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This guide is mostly intended for beginners and young writers.


New writers are often encouraged to include extensive details and use uncommon words. However, this isn't necessarily the best style for everyone. Extensive writing has its own flaws too, and some readers prefer simpler, easier to understand writing.  

First, we'll discuss two well-known types of writing styles, differentiated from one another by length, description, and technical skill.

1) Extensive 
2) Simple 


Extensive Writing Style 

An extensive writing style is a writing style that focuses on giving more details and styled writings.

Notable writers who use this writing style: Kiel_Farren, Endmaster

More details and a larger vocabulary can make the setting and characters easier for the reader to envision; it can also add more emotion to it. 
Some readers, however, will find it too complicated and unnecessarily long:  
Younger and more inexperienced readers might find extensive writing to be too difficult to comprehend. They may need to re-read some sentences to fully understand the point of them, making the story less fun to read. 
Verbosity doesn't make a good story.  Lengthy sentences filled with details can hinder the reader from understanding the storyline.   
Extensive style requires more skill, better vocabulary, and is harder to adapt to. 


Simple Writing Style 

A simple writing style has shorter sentences and uses less detail, but is easier to understand. It's good for the less experienced and people with less vocabulary knowledge.  Simple style allows the reader to focus on the plot without being distracted by extraneous detail.

Notable writers who use this writing style: Killa_Robot, solostrike

The flaws? Some readers will find the lack of detail boring or inelegant.  It can also be somewhat harder for the reader to visualize the setting and characters.


So... which one is the best? 

Neither. There is no best writing style. Everyone is different and everyone has their own way to put their imagination into words. Everyone has their own preferences and everyone has different interests. Some prefer shorter, simpler, and more objective writing while others prefer better styled sentences, more details, and more beautiful words. 

You can never please everyone. There will be people who enjoy your style, and there will be people who don't.

Me? Personally, I prefer simple, but enjoyable and understandable writing.

Take a note of others' ways, but go find or make a style that suits you.


Now that we've discussed style, let's talk about a few more issues.

A story with simpler and shorter writing but with an interesting, unique, and unpredictable storyline is better than a story with extensive and elegant writing but an uninteresting, linear, common, and predictable storyline. 

Try to avoid writing descriptions that are too scientific, too technology-detailed, too long, or too subjective.  Ensure that most people can understand. 


"Plots, characters, and storyline" matter much more compared to "how good your writing is." But that doesn't mean you can write carelessly all you want.  No matter how amazing your story concept might be, you can't ignore basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  A poorly-written paragraph is just as incomprehensible as one that is overly detailed.  Keep that in mind.

This is an example of a too subjective paragraph:

"John stared at the face of her girlfriend, starting from the head to the toes. Her beauty was mesmerizing from time to time. Her greenish hair looked glamorous. Her eyes were big and round. They were like a basketball getting into the net. Her feet are slenderly beautiful like a golf stick ready to hit the ball. And her voice coming out from her tiny lip was sweet like orange."

This paragraph has many unnecessary subjective aspects. We can conclude that the writer likes green and orange. He also likes basketball and golf. However, he forgets the fact that he should get to the point -- being objective.

I'll always be open to private messages if you have any question. 

Good luck, people.