Player Comments on Dave: Big Dickin'it adventure!

It wasn't terrible. It's one of those 'random' games. It's pretty funny at points and there are quite a few branches. That said, it really could have done with proofreading. There was a noticeable lack of capitalisation and punctuation, especially speech marks. A little bit more description and backstory wouldn't hurt, either. This has potential to be better.
-- 31TeV on 10/11/2014 3:05:27 AM
This was mildly entertaining, but it was kind of a waste of my time. It felt sort of half-assed and unfinished. It reminds me of one other story I read long ago, but I can't remember what it was.

-- Okisan on 1/16/2018 12:06:10 PM
It's random and confusing. Seriously. And the grammatical errors and spellings errors made it even more confusing. You go from sitting in traffic to fighting a sith crab person, to being the king of a city in space. Honestly, it'd be a 2 or 1 out of 8 if it wasn't so hilarious. The total nonsensical nature makes it rather entertaining, although it still doesn't make any sense.
-- WizzyCat on 12/2/2017 8:52:27 PM
That was so random and barely comprehensible.
-- crazygurl on 6/17/2017 7:03:12 PM
This was actually very entertaining. This is gonna be my guilty pleasure storygame from now on. 4/8
-- SonicTurboTurtle on 3/24/2016 2:45:20 AM
Save the princess get married and your boss is like "hey you coming in today or what?" Also, you win a spaceship and just ditch the batmobli, I don't think so.
-- Dmanxbox on 5/12/2015 11:33:00 AM
What just happened? Kinda funny though
-- ilovewaffles11 on 3/29/2015 5:55:52 PM
Bunna bunny bunna bunna hat jedi with ninja son XD
-- djman3420 on 7/19/2014 12:14:24 AM
sooooooooooo random
-- Stormy the magnificent on 7/2/2014 9:04:16 PM
Awesome, I have a Ninja son!
-- dbzfan94 on 10/6/2013 1:50:40 AM
Wait... Let me get this right... Batman's a jedi? Awesome! ^_^
-- Briar_Rose on 1/11/2013 1:06:34 PM
Not bad, very random, but entertaining
-- Xt1000305 on 11/29/2012 1:00:40 AM
Alien BJ, ninja baby. Pretty furckin' sweet.
-- Cjoll4 on 9/4/2012 12:10:30 AM
wow random 5.5/8
-- bells23 on 5/15/2012 12:57:54 PM
Very random, not as linear as some have claimed. Quite funny in parts. Many more fantastic random choices and we could have quite the comedy here.
-- ugilick on 4/3/2012 12:39:50 AM
lets go ahead and take a look
-- OnGoodTermsWIthThisDuck on 3/6/2012 4:05:27 AM
very lineare if you edit it and give more choice it will be very good but its good
-- masterelf on 2/28/2012 1:45:59 PM
I was laughing at the sheer randomness of it all.
-- playa988 on 2/25/2012 10:56:42 AM
Not the best. Had pretty bad grammar and sentence structure. It was random, which at times was admittedly funny, but overall it was just weird. Also, the choices were obvious which took away the fun.

Overall, I think more effort and spell checking was needed for this game.

-- JMgskills on 2/24/2012 9:58:53 AM
-- betaband on 2/23/2012 8:35:04 PM
The off-the-wall choices and randomness of it all did cause me to chuckle a bit. For that, I'll partially forgive the awkward sentence structure and confusing grammar. 4/8.
-- Doodled on 2/23/2012 8:32:49 PM
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