Moving in

It seemed as if the countryside never ended. The longer the car drove along the old asphalt road, the more you began to wonder if your father was going to make you live like Laura Ingalls. The idea of moving to a small hick town was hardly your idea of 'a good childhood' as your mother put it. Rolling your eyes you crank up the volume on your ipod, drowning out the sound of yours father's old disco music playing in the car's CD player.

For some reason, your parents acted as if they didn't understand why you were upset about the move. You snorted in annoyance, realizing just how self absorbed they really were. They had yanked you out of the high school you had been planning to graduate from next year, away from all your friends, away from that boy you had just managed to get to notice you... everything!

Fuck my life, you think to yourself. 

Your little sister sits in her booster seat next to you, happily playing with her gameboy. She had cried when she had had to say goodbye to her friends, but she was only four. All she had to do was eat glue with some kid in her new kindergarten class and they would be BFFs.  You, on the otherhand, had to start from scratch and in the middle of the fucking school year!