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Right now, you stand in front of American Airlines as you wait to board the plane. The brochure that you're holding has a description of the resort: "Paradise Place, a secluded island of relaxation and wonder from the rest of the world." Even though you are a student, and you'll be doing a fair amount of work too, you can't wait to have fun in paradise!

All passengers waiting to board the plane can begin." a voice on the intercom begins to say. You quickly grab your bags and leave your world behind for the new one that will become yours.

Note: Please take the MyScrapbook! item from the bottom of the screen. This is Paradise Place's Resort Social Network. You'll be able to monitor anything on it; from relationships and skills, to jobs you've had! 

ENERGY is 10.
FUN is 10.
HUNGER is 10.
MDAY is 1.
MONEY is 500.
	This is the Paradise Place Social Network! Monitor your relationships, jobs, skills, and anything else!</p>