The End of a Journey

You blink as you enter the king's treasury. After spending hours, maybe even days, in the shadow-filled dungeons of the capital you have to adjust to the fact that you are once again able to see clearly. You sigh as your gaze falls upon the objects in the room, from golden goblets to sapphire jewelry and coins from every realm know to man.

"How can the people starve if our king eats from gold plates?" You whisper to yourself in disbelief as you wipe the gatekeeper's blood of your blade on an elaborate tapestry. However, you are not after ordinary gold and jewels today, now matter how valuable. Walking past the mountains of gold and silver you think about the village of your birth. No day would go by without a funeral, no day without the crying of widows and orphans who lost their parents to drought and famine.

Blinking away the tears you finally find what you came here for, what the blood on your hands was shed for.  A marble pedestal elevates a golden chest, decorated with diamonds, above the rest of the objects in the room. Even without closer inspection you just know that inside it lies the crown jewel of the nation and the symbol of the king's power: the Crown of Arkhendale.

You solemnly grab the lid of the chest with both hands, but when you lift it you hear a soft 'CLUNK'. The chest won't open. As you closer inspect the diamond decorations, you notice five knobs just above where you suspect the locking mechanism is located. As you fiddle with one you accidentally turn it, sparking a reaction from the chest which makes a sound like two locks are opening. As you turn the knob back the locks appear to close once more.

You grunt a little our of frustration. There is no way that your descend into the dungeons of the palace, which is now littered with bodies, will go unnoticed for much longer. At least not long enough for you to pick the locks conventionally. You guess you have no other choice but to solve the chest's puzzle.

LOCK1 is 0.
LOCK2 is 0.
LOCK3 is 0.
LOCK4 is 0.
LOCK5 is 0.
TIME is 0.