Princess Pretty in the Palace

The palace of Petunia is the pinkest, purplest palace anyone can ever conceive. At dawn, the flower-hued castle glares against the green countryside like a gaudy gemstone. At night, it adopts a shady hue of violet, pretty and picturesque. Not  even the most unsatisfied, bored person in all of Petunia can deny it.

And that person, is YOU. Princess Pretty, 14 years old, princess of Petunia and the most unconventional child the country has ever seen!

...and this country has seen some unconventional, easily-bored ones. Namely, your grandmother, your dead father (rest his royal soul) and finally you. Fortunately your moody ancestors have married into cheerful company---your mother the Queen of Petunia is as perky as a sunflower.

When you were born, your parents deemed you so precious that they decided to call you 'Pretty'. If it were up to you, you would much rather be called...