The Final Bell

The symphonies of snoring and vigorous notebook writing fill your ears as you sit in class at Bridgeport High School.

Why can't this English class be over already? You think to yourself.

Slowly, you pull out your phone and start checking your texts...

Hey! Do you want to go see Studio 5 tonight?

It's supposed to be an awesome movie!

Your friend asks you.

Is that the murder mystery? It sounds really good!

I can't even imagine what it must feel like getting

chased by a killer in real life!

You respond back.


The sound of your high school's bell screams into your ears as you lift your head up from your cell phone. It looks like it's time to go home! You grab your belongings, throw everything into your backpack, and rush out of your classroom. 

Flooded in the halls are hundreds of students and faculty. You squeeze your way past the crowds to your locker and spin the lock for your combination. 


You swing the locker open and grab your books. Why does there have to be so much homework?! It's Friday!

You close the locker and make your tedious way down the stairs of the school to the exit. Outside, you see the same long row of six or seven school buses. Luckily for you, your home is walking distance from the school, so you don't have to deal with finding a seat or bullies. Although you do wish your parents would surprise you with a car. After all, your 16th birthday is coming up soon.

You follow the crowds out of the school grounds and cross the street. There are two paths you can take...

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