The First Page

You awaken with a groan and quickly register the splitting headache that sears through your brain like a white-hot knife. You open your eyes, and after they have adjusted to the crisp, morning sunlight, you see that you are in the same woods before…

    Before what? You can’t remember, try as you might. It just escapes you.

    You go to pull yourself off the ground, but as you do, a sharp pain shoots through your lower abdomen. You are able to get a knee on the ground and force yourself up before you see why: blood seeps through your shirt which is torn.

    Did someone….stab me? Oh, God.

    You struggle to your feet, and immediately feel light-headed. Your leg gives and you slump against a nearby tree.

    One step at a time. You try to get your mind at ease.

    Left foot.

    Right foot





    You lose feeling in your right foot as you step and you go down. This time there are no trees to break your fall, and you hit the ground hard. After a few moments, you get back to your feet.

    Come on, you can do this.

    You make it about twenty yards before your other leg gives out, and you fall again, uttering out a sharp cry of pain as you do. Your headache seeks to gain control, and even as you fight it, there seems to be nothing you can do as your vision fades. Just before everything goes black, you think you feel a light voice and running footsteps….