Where To Go? (Intro.)

world map.jpegIn 1517, a catholic monk, by the name of Martin Luther, created the 95 Theses. These theses showed the corruption of the Catholic Church as well as the many other wrong doings of the Church during this time. From the selling of indulgences to monks keeping mistress's, it covered all of the Catholic Church. Luther also believed that only scripture and one's faith can be the only practices that get one's salvation. So, Martin Luther translated the New Testament from Latin to German, allowing a wider variety of people to read the word of god. With both these factors of the Catholic church's corruption as well as the new ability for people have access to holy texts started the protestant reformation. This "revolution of religion" saw many Christian's in Europe spilt off of from the Catholic church after interpreting the words of god for themselves and creating their own new sects of Christianity. At this same time, the discovery and colonization of the New World started to gain traction. Many European countries, such as Portugal and Spain, started creating colonies in this new land, such as New Spain in present day Mexico as well as Brazil for the Portuguese. In addition, Europeans also started to discover the Indian ocean trade system. This saw an exchange of goods between Africa, India as well as China in a vibrant trade networksSo, with this combination of the divides in the Christian faith as well as the beginning of settlements in the new world and the discovery of Indian Ocean trade, the Catholics saw an opportunity. Established by Ignatius Loyola and other Catholics, the Jesuits were formed. The Jesuits were the product of the Catholics fight against the protestants and creating a more modernized form of the Catholic Church. Their objective was to spread the word of the Catholic church against the protestant faiths. That’s where we will start with Diego de Rivera, a young Jesuit missionary from Spain with a decision. Where to go? Will you go to the new and vibrant New World with natives ready to learn the word of god or travel to Asia and the civilizations that surround the Indian Ocean and spread the word to civilized people there? So, where to?