The First Page

"There are wolves out there" your camp counselor says as you are about to enter the woods. Various kids look unsettled, some look flat out scared. Most of them (including you) are completely unfazed."It's highly unlikely that you are going to see any, but if you do just stay calm and they won't hurt you."

"To bad,"says a girl behind you. "I love wolves."

Your group entered the woods and as promised didn't see any wolves, or much of any wildlife except for a rabbit. As your guide keeps rambling about various plants you slow down enough to mach the pace of the girl behind you. "so, you like wolves" you say (somewhat awkwardly as she was very pretty).

"Yes" she said simply. "I love them. I wish I could see one. maybe I'll hear them tonight."

"Hear them? Is tonight-"

"The full moon" she says cutting you off.

The two of you talk until you exit the woods thirty minutes later. the bell rings in the distance. Lunchtime.

The two of you separate and go to the mess hall. The girl wasn't with you. 

That night around midnight you hear footsteps outside of your cabin. You were apparently the only one to hear them, or at least the only one who cared. You creep silently to the window and see the girl from earlier walking in the direction. You open the door as quietly as possible and follow her out. 

"What are you doing out here?" you ask. 

"Going to see the wolves" she says

"Really? You could get in serious trouble for sneaking out at night." you reply.

"I know, but there's something I have to do." She says walking away.

"Wait!" you say.