The Rules

Before you begin the story, you need to create a character. A character has three statistics and four traits. If this is your first time reading this story, please read all the directions carefully before choosing! If you've read this story before, feel free to create your character without reading any of this.


The statistics are Endurance, Intellect, and Luck. You may modify these in any way you choose with the points you are given, but remember that Endurance must always be at least 10. Every stat is important and will play a part throughout the story.

Endurance: This stat represents your overall health. While combat is not the only feature in the story, it certainly plays a role. A character with an Endurance of 10 is a pale, sickly creature who needs only be hit in the face to be knocked unconscious or killed. A character with 100 Endurance is pretty difficult to kill outright, but can still die or be incapacitated depending on the player's choices. If your endurance ever reaches 0, you will die and the story will be over. Endurance directly influences the traits of Weaponmaster and Healer, and plays a role with the trait of Bruiser.

Intellect: This stat represents how smart you are. Intelligence involves memory, cognition, and knowledge, among other things. A character with an Intellect of 10 is a complete moron, barely able to multiply 5 x 10. A character with 100 Intellect can do advanced calculus equations in his or her head while discussing astrophysics. Intellect will never change during the story. However, while the stat will not obviously kill you by reaching 0, it plays a significant role in your success or failure in many actions throughout the story. Intellect directly influences the traits of Pharmacist and Diplomat, and plays a role with the trait of Psychic.

Luck: This stat represents how lucky you are. Luck plays a mysterious role throughout the story, but should not be disregarded as unimportant. Many times the story will roll a random number (without your knowledge) and luck will play a crucial role in the outcome. A character with 10 Luck is so unlucky that when he walks outside of his house he is likely to be run down by a truck. A character with 100 Luck can do nearly anything without fear of reprisal. However, every time you specifically use your Luck the stat will decrease. This is a very important point to remember. Luck directly influences the traits of Street-Smart and Psychic, and plays a role with the trait of Bruiser. It also plays a small role with every other trait. 


The traits*, of which you may only pick four, are:

Bruiser: You are extremely strong. When given the choice, you will hit much harder when you hit someone in combat. However, this strength comes with a recklessness that will cause your strikes to be slightly less accurate. While not dominated by any statistic, both Luck and Endurance play a part when using this trait.

Diplomat: You know how to talk fast and articulately, equally good in persuading and bluffing others. This trait can get you out of many difficult situations. Diplomacy is not the same as Street-Smart, and will not always work with those you might consider under-educated. Intellect is most important when using this trait.

Healer: You are able to heal yourself by regaining lost Endurance points. You cannot use this trait whenever you want, but it can be invaluable during parts of the story where you have a chance to regain lost Endurance. Endurance is most important when using this trait.

Pharmacist: You can identify any pharmaceutical or herb, including illegal substances. This knowledge gives you the upper hand when figuring out if a particular substance is dangerous, benign, or even useful in situations you might not otherwise not be able to determine. Intellect is most important when using this trait.

Sixth-Sense: You are extremely intuitive. In many situations where the right choice is not clear, your sixth-sense will enable you to pick correctly, avoiding many unpleasant outcomes. Furthermore, you can determine another's intentions far more easily, such as whether they are lying or wish you harm. Luck is most important when using this trait, but Intellect plays a part.

Street-Smart: You know how to get around the urban sprawl without getting conned, mugged, or outright beaten. Utilizing skills you have learned from a long stay in New York City, you can talk your way, or fight your way, out of many situations in St. Louis that you would otherwise have to face. Street-smart is not the same as Diplomat, and will not always work with those you might consider educated. Luck is most important when using this trait.

Weaponmaster: You are an expert with any weapon you come upon. In addition to your already expert hand to hand training, any weapon you wield, be it a katana or pencil, will become deadly in your hands. Endurance is most important when using this trait.


It is also important to note that there are four statistics that you cannot choose or change. These are "Your level of psychosis," "Your psychedelic state," "Your level of sobriety," and "Score." They will be modified depending on your choices throughout the story. When you reach one of the eight endings, you will see these stats and also receive a unique title.

*Some traits are based or taken from the Lone Wolf series by Joe Dever, and the PC game Fallout 2 by Black Isle Studios.