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Welcome visitors, to my profile. As for the purpose of your visit, be it curiosity, resentment, admiration, or chance, I am honored you have deemed me worthy of your time, as it is undoubtedly our most precious commodity. For those interested, what follows is a brief insight into myself and my purpose for joining this site.

At the time of writing, I am an unemployed, 24-year-old male living with his parents due to a general lack of desire/aspiration towards the job market and life. I hold a master's degree in accounting, a field I never had any real interest in, and I am fascinated by the experiences and decisions of others. For example, I have a disdain for gossip, yet I am always curious as to how and why it came about and therefore wish to hear more. Contradictory I know, but it is ingrained within me, and you, as we humans are social and skeptical creatures by nature.

My purpose for being here is simple, I wish to express myself creatively to an audience in the hopes of garnering your attention and feedback. I am uncertain as to the potential quality, substance, or subject of any created works, as I am quite aimless and rather uneducated with proper writing forms. In fact, if after reading the above, or any future works, you see areas of improvement, I will be grateful for your input regardless of feedback.