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Toss around ideas and brainstorm your story.


10 years ago

here are the major, and minor "themes" i am choosing between but i don't know if you'll like them or not so i would like it if you choose what you think is the best major, and minor topic to help me get an idea of what genre's you like/ want to see.


Major themes:

1. Aliens

2. Mutants


4. Mad Science gone wrong

5. exploration (finding something unknown)


Minor themes (plot):

1. FPS (first person shooter)

2. Adventure

3. Saving someone

4. Survivial

5. re-building what was once lost


10 years ago

1. mutant

2. zombie

3. mad scientist gone wrong


1. survival


10 years ago
Mad Science & Exploration for the major themes

Survival & Re-building for the minor ones


10 years ago

thanks for helping. with what you told me i have created a new storygame. it isn't AMIE, but the other one. combining zombies, exploration, and mad science i decided to make the main characters borg. survival and re-building are def the backbone to the story. Although i will give a few spoilers it wont be enough to ruin the game.