The Blackwood Chronicles: Framed

A modern storygame by JMgskills

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.


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Bryce has survived a summer of nightmares. He has had more life threatening experiences anyone should ever go through and just wants to put it all behind him. It's the start of a new semester and, for Bryce, a chance to make things the way they were. No more fighting or running. Just normalcy.

But things don't always go the way we plan. Unbeknown to him a threat greater than any other he has faced before rises. Bryce will have to use all his cunning and skills if he is to survive this encounter with the most dangerous foe to date.


WARNING: I know some of you guys out there like a lot of choices to choose from early in the story. So I'm just giving you a heads up that you will have to read eight long pages before you actually get to some choices. Now I'm sorry about that but I couldn't help it. Those eight pages are very important.

You have been warned.

End of Warning.


Sorry its been so long since my last update on any of my stories. I've been very busy with life and I've been forced to write in stints. This is definitely my longest chapter in my Blackwood series because I'm trying to add a lot more action seeing as some people thought my last chapter was kind of short. Also, I'm going to be adding to the bottom of every story the previous chapters. I'm doing this because, unlike my Star Wars series, I'm not numbering my chapters and I don't want people to be confused on what to read next.





As always, leave a comment if you want. I always like to read what you guys have to say.




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