The First Page

Tim slams his fist down on the table. "We have worked hard to build a reliable source of income. Are we really going to let those… well, bastards get away with it?"

"Watch your language!" The cross wearing girl named Angel proclaims.

"Shut up Angel, they deserve it and you know it!"

She just crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. "Well I for one don't see what we can do about it. I say we talk it out with them and come to some sort of agreement."

Kyle laughs, "You're such a push over Angle. Let's beat them up. Show them who is boss."

"Heck no! Violence is wrong Kyle!"

"Look," Tim interjects, "like it or not they are stealing our clients. We get payed per paper. So far they've got ten percent of our clients buying their newspaper instead of ours. That's ten percent less profit for us. I for one am not okay with this. Now I don't want to beat them up, but what the hell will talking solve?"

"Tim you too!? You men are so violent!" She crosses her arms and turns her back to them.

"I'm not voting. I'll leave it up to Ted. He is our leader after all." Tim turns to you

You think it over for a moment, "In order to weigh our options, we need to know the facts. They are stealing ten percent of our profit. And yes it is stealing, no matter what you say they are taking MY clients. This can't go on. They also have the opportunity to take even more from us. They can expand as much as they want, and in the end they might even get as much as fifty percent one day.

Now if we handle this violently, then we will either get pummeled, and them knowing they can beat us could mean them extorting us. Or we might beat them and they back off. Or we could beat them up only for them to cry like fricking sissies and tell on us, which might just lose us this paper route all together. Or we might beat them up for them to just ignore us.

If we chose to handle this by talking out our differences then there is a small chance they will back off. A bigger chance they will laugh in our face. And an even bigger chance they will offer us a quid pro quo. Not ideal.

Now weighing all of this I have to advise we go with…"