The map

The snow crunches beneath your feet, each step, uninterrupted by the usual thrum of traffic, seeming unnaturally loud. It's so cold here, and you never even bought the walking boots you were searching for, so your feet are even more cold than they ought to be. As a particularly strong gust of wintery wind hits your exposed face, you squint, wishing you were at home; this 'shortcut' seemed like such a good idea a few minutes ago...

You reach into your pocket to grab your smartphone, when suddenly your eye catches something shining by the road. It's a sheet of paper...a map! You're just about to ignore it, after all, who needs those useless bits of paper any more when we have satellites and screens? But something stops you; what a strange coincidence to find a map just when you need it. 

The map itself is worn and damp; lying in the snow clearly did not do it any good. Finding your house and street was easy, it was on the first page, but you instantly notice something's wrong; there's a side street on the map, right next to your house, that was never there! There's obviously something wrong with this map. Perhaps you could use your smartphone to corroborate and find out what's wrong, but it would be a hassle. You could just go straight home, or you could even check the map for a nearby shop that sells boots.