It is a beautiful day in late May.

The sun is shining, the finches are chirping and you are...

Well, you are honestly quite miserable. Absolutely nothing is going your way! First, you alarm clock broke, You woke up late for work, but managed to rush together to be almost in time when... you noticed your car had a flat. After changing the tire and showing up to work nearly an hour late, you find a note o your desk that very politely says, in so many words, that your boss is firing you for his cute assistant.

Feeling discouraged and out of luck, you decide it is time for a much needed vacation. You head straight for the airport, not telling a soul, ready to take the first flight out. Three planes are leaving at the same time.

They are headed to

-- Easter Island (the giant heads!)

-- North Dakota (you have family there... you think)

-- and the Swiss Alps (but you don't even ski!)

Which do you take?