The First Page

Groaning, you slide your hands to your thumping head, "That must've been some batchelor party," you murmur to yourself, "I only wish I could remember some of it!"

As you open your eyes, nothing but darkness surrounds you. You reach out for the lamp but your elbows slam into something hard and wooden. You sit up instantly cracking your head on a surface just inches above your face. For a moment you panic but then realise that you must have passed out and rolled under your bed. You slide along the wooden floor reaching out but in all directions you are met with solid wood. You start to scream and flail out wildly and then your hand hits something round and metalic. As you frantically pull it to your chest, it turns on and shines down over your rented tuxedo to reveal the awful truth. You are in a box.

Your heart and breath race away from you as you kick out and scream in sheer terror, "No! not this.... Let me out. This can't be...No! Not this! No..."

You tell yourself this must be just a sick batchelor party stunt. Any minute now the lid is going to open and your friends will be snapping pictures and lifting you out. Trying to force calm into your voice you shout, "Come on guys! Jokes over. You really had me going! Now get me out of here. We have to get to the church by 11 or Mina will kill me!"


No answer comes. You are consumed with terror.