Past days

The sun's rays were penetrating at the windows and all I felt that it was the first day in my new life. I turned off the alarm and walked towards the bathroom to wash my face. I could see in mirror that I was getting old and my body has changed to cold. I just want everything to be changed as it was earlier. When I was small and happy with my family but now, all those days are just broken memories that are never going to happen again. I always think that violence is not a good thing but what one can do who have seen the death of parents by the own eyes. These days, everyone merely dares to stand my way, but that is not what I want. I only want revenge from those who have murdered my entire family, not from anyone else. I don't want survival but I want victory; victory of honor and truth and blood. I want everyone to scream when they see me as it makes me happy for awhile.

I don't know the names of people who have killed my family but I swear, 'I will find those names one day'. I know that if I killed my enemies then police will be next to me, but I don't fear them; I'll simply surrender because my mission is to kill my family enemies; not police nor anyone else. But if anyone would try to stop me before, then I will have no mercy or regret for them. And I'm fully capable to fight my enemies.