Drive Faster!

Driving fast, you are on your way to  a secret location where you are meeting a special friend of yours. On your way you notice an old acquaintance that you owe a lot of money to. The big muscular man looks at you and notices you through his drivers side window. He immediately swerves at you. You start to brake and drop gears, heel-toeing the whole way down to third from sixth. He goes flying into your lane but in front of you. He slams on his brakes, you gears to second and floor it. Immediately the 20 pounds of boost you are running in your 2001 Toyota Supra kicks in. You shift hard and your blow off valve whistles, he starts to floor it also. He suddenly catches up in his 1996 Mazda Rx7. Both of your turbo's are spooling and building boost. Suddenly there comes a turn. 

White Supra