Home Alone

It's your first night home alone, no babysitter or adults to watch over you. You're planning on a nice quiet night at home with a bowl of popcorn and some Ryan Gosling flicks. You were nervous about staying home alone but your parents convinced you that you were safe in the house, as long as you didn't open the door for strangers. Besides you have the dog to keep you company and keep you safe.

"Goodnight honey, don't forget to lock the doors. And don't answer the door if you don't know them." Your mother kisses your head and smiles.

"We're just a phone call away if you need us," Your father waves his cell phone in the air and hugs you tightly. "Don't forget to lock the door behind us." You nod and say goodbye. 

Finally you hear their car pull out of the driveway and you start towards the living room. You stop in your tracks and turn to face the door, remembering that you have to turn the lock. You quickly lock the door and head to the living room to finally start the movie.

Halfway through the movie you hear a knock at the door. You pause the movie and freeze. Suddenly a rush of fear hits you, and you rise from your seat. You walk towards the door slowly, heart racing. You now stand 4 feet away from the door, another knock echoes through the house.