1 day


It always starts the same way. A disagreement, then a fight, then a war.

And it's only us who get hurt.

For them.

This time, it was no different.

'Mr' Prime Minister decided he would get involved with someone else's war. 

And then so did everyone else.

World war three.

Caused by politics.

The fight lasted for 30 years. I was born in the mid-stages of this time.

A child of war. So to speak.

But tonight, the air is different. The men's morale is low, there's a feeling of something in the air...dread.

Something big's going to happen tonight.

We head back to our base camp in Flanders' fields, braced for the worst.

Funny, the islands were targeted first by the nuclear weapons. 

Japan and Australia were blown out of the sea just before Korea and Russia were hit by the Americans.

Then the rest of the world turned to all-out war, barring Switzerland, obviously.

China was next to fall, then Italy, and France, and Spain, and Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Austria, India and South America.

Countries dying out before the previous could be reported. 

Until all that was left was Britain and about a third of the U.S.A.

That didn't stop the war, though. Even now, Britain, the U.S.A and it's allies are fighting a war against the rest of the world. 

The troops had already been deployed before the country was nuked. They regrouped in Venezuela, or at least where it was. 

Most of the world was just a huge crater of what used to be land.

Then we set up base in Flanders' Fields and fought it out.

Our American allies fought on the beaches of California.


But tonight was strange somehow.

We all knew something was coming, but we didn't know what.

Then our commanding officers voice bellowed through the speaker;-

"24 hours, I repeat 1 day until we go over the top, and's all or nothing. Either way, our battle will be over. 1 day. That will be all."

To my left stood Andy, a good friend of mine from college.

To my right, the captain of my team, Adrian.

Behind me were two friends, Angie and Arlene.

(The teams are organised by first letter of first names. Ironically, we were called 'A-Team.' I'm sure Mr T would be thrilled.)

In front of me is Samuels, the medic. 

The base is left of me, the cafeteria to my right and training grounds and offices are way in the distance.

Where do I go?

SCORE is 10.