The First Page

You're in the back of an Armored Personal Carrier, with your squad-mates, Lucky, Saw, Bulldog and Falcon. Falcon is the team sniper, an athletic yet skinny African-American. Saw is the team Melee expert, armed with two machetes, and of Korean descent. Bulldog is the team explosive export, a large, bulky American ex-navy. Lucky is the machine-gunner, an Irishmen armed with a SAW Machine Gun. You're all wearing heavy black armor, similar to Riot gear, that gives you some protection against bites. You're the team captain. and it's your objective to lead your squad to victory. Your objectives are to eliminate any armed and aggressive civilians, secure the civilian safe-house and evacuate code-name "Tracer" from his penthouse.

The APC stops on the outskirts of the city, and your squad gets out. The APC Driver's voice comes up on your walkie-talkie. 

"They'll be a Chopper waiting to evac you when you're ready. Good luck."

The APC drives off, and you take in your surroundings. There's gunfire off to the North, the Safe-house is to the West and the Penthouse is to the East. Falcon turns to you and asks you where you want to go?

DEATHS is 0.
KILLS is 0.