Death of a King

You awake in your chamber, the sound of bells ringing but not the usual sound of 2 chimes for the sign of midday.

It was a constant noise drilling in the side of your head, the ring means death... death of the king.

You hear a huge commotion outside with wailing cries, screams and sobs reminding you of the wild night you had from the amount of liquor you drunk.

Staggering out of your small hut you see the kings body seated on a golden chair, his body looking peaceful and fresh like he was simply asleep

'What could of killed him?' you wonder. Suddenly a guard in shining armor appears before you, "Romulus what are you doing here?!"

The king is dead, the kingdom has turned down the pathway to hell and the guard asks what I'm doing here?! Stupid...

"How?" You ask in astonishment.

"We don't know yet. He was found in his chamber this morning, blood dripping from his mouth. We suspect it to be poison most likely but we aren't sure yet. We are currently searching the castle so there is no need for you to be here."

 You feel your blood start to boil underneath your skin and your cheeks are taking a bright shade of red, 'How dare he!' You are furious!

Not only at this arrogant guard before you but at everything! Some low life has killed the king, all this commotion and panic is really ticking you off, you're being told none of this is your business and to go away when in fact it is your business!

Your kings death is highly and crucially your business. What will happen now? Who did this? I'll ring their darn neck!

"Romulus... this is a hard time for everyone and to tell the truth, I want... nay, I need your help!" The guard says, "So because of this fact you are captain of the reserve infantry! Several generals and chieftains have already laid claim to the throne the kings son was executed by General Titus immediately after the kings death, you need to bring order to this madness call the men raise the reserve and march for the keep! Take this city and save it from it's self. I'm counting on you!"