Your Task Begins

Droplets of water strike the steel floor with a ringing.

You glance nervously around the enormous dungeon. It is an enormous room, made entirely of steel, with a large round dome for a roof, and three huge doors evenly spaced apart. You are alone, and in this enormous, dimly lit room, you start to feel uneasy.

You are a knight in the army of a great country. You and your fellows have been at war with another country for the past several months. This other country, Tyrannica, is ruled by an oppressive monarch who recently had 1,000 people from your country kidnapped to serve as slaves in his capital city. Since then, the knights of your country have been attacking Tyrannica in order to free the slaves.

In the last battle, you were captured. You were imprisoned in this sewer deep below the city. It is said that a large variety of monsters lurk in these depths, but you are skeptical.

In your hands you hold your sword and shield. They are both made of steel, very durable but very heavy. Your shield defends well, and your sword cuts well, but both are difficult to wield quickly, or to run with. You would do well to remember that.  

The three large doors are too heavy for you to open, but are operated by pulleys. Which will you choose?