The Tale Begins

Your name is Arakhan.

For years, you have dreamed of becoming Captain of the Guard, and protecting your small hometown of Lyestra. Fortunately for you, your wildest dreams came true just last week. You finally received your long overdue promotion, and now you are the official Captain of the Guard!

Lyestra is a quiet enough village, so the first few weeks were rather uneventful. However, two days ago, you received a tip that a group of goblin warriors had been spotted camping out in the woods not far from Lyestra. Goblins rarely come so near to a village, so you and a handful of other men have gone to scope out the situation. So far, you have found nothing. You are running low on supplies, and the men have requested to return to Lyestra.

However, you told them you would like to make one last sweep of the area before you return home. You and your men have split up to search the area for any sign of the goblins.

You are on your own, in a dense area of the woods. You are searching for any sign that the goblins were here.