Chapter One: He's here

Your breath is shallow and quiet as you squish yourself into the smallest shape possible in your tiny closet. You woke up in the middle of the night as you heard your parent's shouted warning to hide, followed by a scream and a loud thump. Your heart aches as it beats loudly, and your mind is racing. You tried to call the police, but the line's been cut. You'd jump out the window, but there's no one around for miles, and you don't have a cell phone because there isn't any service. Basically, you're in the middle of nowhere, being hunted down in your new house by a man who you suspect killed your parents and is looking for you. It's all you can do to stifle your tears. 

Suddenly, a gruff, manly voice can be heard calling your name. Judging by the sound of it, he's somewhere in the kitchen, which is the farthest place from your room than anywhere else. You must get out of the closet and get somewhere safer. Right now your only option is to jump out of the window... But what if your parents are still alive? What if they need your help?