About Cryogenic Failure

Welcome to "Cryogenic Failure." Thank you for taking the time to check out this story, I do hope that you like it.

This is a pretty simple and straight-forward "Choose Your Own Story." I've based it on the books of the same name, so there are no items or other gaming-type parts of this story -- it just just a story where you get to decide what direction the story goes (Well, okay, there is a little scripting and variable use here and there, just for fun...). If you are looking for more of a "Game" adventure, this is not it.

At the same time, if you are looking for a story, I hope you like this one. As mentioned in the intro, this is set in a space ship at some time in the far future. You play yourself, a volunteer on a space ship/probe that has been sent into deep space. Apparently something went wrong during the travel, and your decisions will decide what happens to the story. The endings are wide and diverse, even if the story is mostly linear.

Once again, thank you for checking out this story. Feel free to leave me comments or discuss the story in the forums!

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