A Brief History

The Kingdom of Vinia is a beautiful, prosperous country that lies on the southwestern coast of the continent Belacia. While many of the surrounding countries frequently go to war with each other, Vinia has been neutral in all conflicts for centuries. Because of this, many refugees and other citizens flee to Vinia to find peace, creating a rich, diverse, and multicultural population. Vinia's captial city of Dialla is also home to the largest, most prestigious college in all of Belacia. 

Because of Vinia's prosperity, some other kingdoms have grown envious and show distaste towards Vinia and its people. The most notable of these enemies is the Kingdom of Niravia, Vinia's less affluent neighbor. However, while the relationship between these two countries has always been tense, it has always been been peaceful.

DiallaYou are Prince Alexander of Vinia, the only child of King Arien and Queen Lianne. 

You have grown up in the royal palace in Dialla, Vinia's seaside capital. Your parents believed it important for you to be humble, so they allowed you to go into the city and play with the common children. As a young boy, you often found yourself on the beach with the other children, calling out to the fishermen in the distance and trying to find seashells. As you got older, you and your friends often spent time in the marketplace helping merchants and listening to members of the Royal Guard tell extravagant stories. Occasionally, you would help the students at the college collect materials for their studies. You had a happy childhood.

When you were of age, your parents asked you what you wanted to be as an adult. You chose to be a soldier. As a soldier, you will join the Royal Guard, where you will be trained in the art of physical combat. You will become strong of body and mind, and those traits coupled with your unmatched sword skills will make you a difficult foe to defeat.