Meeting the Smith

Morning comes and Sebastian awakes quickly finding herself at the smith's doorstep. She waits until eight o' clock before knocking politely at the door. No answer. She knocks again and finally she hears, "I'm on my way, be patient!"

Sebastian's heart leaps in her throat. She knew any Ogre Mage was dangerous but would he attack her or try to eat her? Would he even want to deal with her? Was the silver enough? She wasn't sure.

The door opens and an old man looks at her, "Yeah, whadd'aya want?"

Sebastian collelcts herself and says, "I need a ring to be forged. It is a special ring  called a Hemlock Band. I hear that the master of this house is one who can forge such things. May I speak with him please?"

The old man looks her up and down and says, "Yer speakin' to him!"

Sebastian smiles, "Heh, well I had heard on good authority that he was a magical giant who cast spells."

The old man chuckles, "Lemme guess, he also had horns, giant razor like teeth, blue skin, and tattoos?"

Sebastian nodded though she herself wasn't sure. She just thought that he'd be hard to miss whatever his coloration or peculiarities were.

"Lass, someone's been pulling yer' leg. However, I can forge this ring you want if'n you've got the coin."

"I have thirty Silver."

"Close, but not enough I need a hundred Silver Lass. Good day!" He begins to slam the door.

"But sir, I need this ring, I've traveled all the way from Celika on behalf of my Lord to claim it. Failure is not an option."

The old man looks Sebastian up and down before sighing, "Well, fine, come on in. We'll hash it out. But you'll have to do me a favor first before I agree to anything."

"I am prepared," Sebastian says, "To do whatever you ask."

"Goood... Goooood. Just step into my workshop girl and let me have a look at ye...'"