Gone, but never forgotten

Passed generation through generation, a local puppetry store opened around 50 years ago, to a male named Harold Nove, a man who had incredibly skill in wood craft, making state-of-the-art wooden puppets connected to crossed wood pieces and strings to make them do simple actions on the owner's hand command. Of course, Harold (70 years of age, old age)  didn't leave without marrying a beautiful woman, Joanna, and having a son. Harold's son, Tyler, passed the family owned business onto his daughter, Jade. Jade's only 14, but Harold, if he was still alive, would be proud of her. Jade has already made herself various dolls as her grandfather did; with her father's guidance, of course. 

Jade is clueless to the 'magic' behind the dolls coming to life, but she doesn't mind it. It doesn't scare her; it's normal. Of course, Jade can't tell anyone they come to life, because she's the only one (besides Harold) who can see them working as herself; independently.