The Beginning

Your name is Katrina and you are the Elf Princess. You are 17, slender, have long dark brown hair that reaches your waist, and blue eyes. You are in your bedroom which has sapphire blue walls, multiple windows, a high wooden ceiling from the tree which your living quarters are in, and an ivory colored carpet. Your room is sectioned off from everyone else being that you ARE the princess. You live with your family in the biggest oak tree in the forest which is in the center.

You go over to one of the windows facing the river that runs in your father's kingdom. Examining the current and the ways that the wind is blowing, you start to feel at peace. All of a sudden there is a hand on your shoulder, you spin around ready to strike but it is only your father, the King. 

"Katrina, it is time," he says. You nod your head understanding that he is speaking of the coming of age ceremony in which you are to look at all the suitors and pick one. You have dreaded this night for a long time but you follow him anyway.

Your crimson dress flows around you like a curtain of blood as you walk to the gathering place where the celebration is being held. You walk and are greatful for the elegant red flats being as comfortable as they are. 

As you get there, you look into the room and see a lot of elvish people looking back. You acknowledge them and they go back to what they were doing. You look around the room spotting the food. Your father grabs you by the elbow and leads you to the front of the room where the thrones are and gives you a choice: you can either go dance with the suitors or you can eat your fill and wait for someone to come to you.