Meet and greet

You are Linda Niles, at just 19 you have become one of the most famous singers on the planet, your career started at 15 and you have enjoyed rave reviews, record breaking sales and all the fans a person could want. In addition, you have managed  to avoid scandals and developing an ego, which have destroyed countless other singer careers, you live a life most dream of.

Another typical day of your life, you are to make an appearance at the Destiny Hill Mall located in Destiny Hill, New Jersey. Recently you have become the spokeswoman, for Zidane's clothing and you are there to promote the opening of their newest store. They are a hoity toity clothing store that is hoping your endorsement will have people buy from them despite their outrageous prices. 

You arrive at the mall around noon in a inconspicuous car so the dozens of people waiting around outside don't notice you. The car stops in in the employee parking lot, you get out and sneak in through the employee entrance which is surround by half dozen police officers. Once inside you head up a flight of stairs, hearing the screaming of your fans, there must be hundreds of them. This doesn't bother you as you've had countless concerts that had as much 20,000 fans so it's actually more quiet then normal. At the top of the steps is the back exit to Zidane's, you knock and a giant mall security guard opens and lets you in.

Heading towards the front of the store past the expensive clothes is a chair and a table with markers and a stack of photos of yourself. The screaming fans are kept outside and become even louder when they see you. A few more security guards are standing beside you as you take your seat. Along with them is Steve your lifelong photographer who has his camera on a tripod ready to take your picture with the fans. Police officers stand outside the store as the door's open letting the noise enter the store, which is unpleasant to the guards but not you.

The first few fans come in and it is a pretty routine affair. You ask their name, you sign an autograph, they tell how great you are while trying contain their excitement, you take a picture with them and they leave. No matter how many times you've done this, you avoid going on auto pilot. You remain sincere and genuine for every fan, no doubt a factor to your success.

The next fan that comes appears to be a bit uneasy, He's looks just one or two years older then you, he has fair skin and short black hair that he keeps nervously scratching and light brown eyes that seem to be intentionally looking away from you. You've dealt with people who were nervous in your presence before and have dealt with people a bit socially awkward, this guy however was different, you don't know why but your gut is telling you something is off. He approaches the table, you could have security kick him out or you could sign the autograph and just get this over with