Floating in empty space

door.pngOne day you wake up and find yourself at an unfamiliar place filled with... nothing... more like empty space. You decide to explore your surroundings to find out where you are. Well, much to your surprise, instead of moving your feet to walk, you begin to float... weightlessly. You can still control and decide which direction you wish to float though... It is at this point that you came to the realization that you are either dreaming or you're probably dead. But somehow you can't seem to remember and recall what happened before you wake up where you are now. You believe your quest is to find out what happened to you and what brought you to where you are now and why. While you enjoy the freedom of floating around in empty space, you begin to wonder how on Earth you're going to leave this place, and just when you think about this thought, three massive doors suddenly appear right before you.  

On one door there is a painting of a wolf with very sharp teeth.

On the second door is a painting of a building on fire caught in flames.

On the third door is a painting of a gun.

Now you may choose which door you wish to go through first.

(Note: It doesn't matter which door you choose to go through first because you'll have to go through all 3 to find out the truth, and only one truth prevails)