Christmas Eve

'Twas dark and dreary Christmas Eve

And all the world was mute.

No wind nor rain disturbed the peace

No bird would give a hoot. 

The moon was hid behind the clouds

Which softly wept with snow

That formed a blanket on the ground

And hid what lay below.

A coldness lay upon the fields

And frost encased the trees

The temperature, with every breath

Would drop a few degrees.

'Tis there we find a tiny shack

With crooked walls and floors

Where winter's cold and summer's heat

Crept through the crooked door.

Inside, there stood a tiny bed,

Inside a tiny room.

And in that tiny, tiny bed

Lay Isabella Gloom.

Her blanked cracked and creaked with cold

That froze the frazzled seams.

But Isabella didn't mind

Her head was filled with dreams.