You are a detective living in London, Ontario. Crime has peaked in recent years and you have often been called to aid in police investigations. You take pride in your work and have created a good reputation with the London Police. You must be careful not to lose it - otherwise you will no longer be called to help with investigations. You have also studied toxicology prior to becoming  a detective - which is an asset in your ability to understand the science portion of crime.

One evening, you receive a phone call from Constable Oliver Peterson, an experienced policeman and old friend.

"Oliver! How have you been?" you exclaim.

"I've been good, but unfortunately the reason for my call is anything but that. A body was found about an hour ago on the shores of the Thames River. As of now, there has been no identification, but we believe this case may be connected to the string of killings surrounding the Thames. Will you look at the case for us?" he asks.

What do you do?