The scoop on the scoop

     It's early morning, February 17, 2019. You awake to the sound of birds singing in the sun. You can smell something good cooking, as you make your way down the stairs.  Your overly attractive wife is in the kitchen making home fries with cheese, to surprise you with for breakfast. You sit down and eat, talking over a few matters at hand. You then kiss her on the forehead and leave to go to work.

Today is an important day in your career, as you interview the ambassador of Eckmala, as well as the ambassador from your home country of Gaklief.Your two countries have been in heated discussions,  about multiple questionable attacks that no one has claimed responsibility for. Both sides, eventually blamed each other over the events and diplomacy is wearing thin. Your job is to mediate a live back and forth discussion between them. Your producer looks at you and says "were on in five Kartiman, butter up the audience with scenarios that tug on their heartstrings.  For it is right at the peak of their emotions, that I want you to introduce the two Ambassadors. "