You don't remember when you first acquired the power to see spirits.

After all differentiating the dead from the living could be rather difficult considering that the ones you saw at such a young age died rather peacefully to your recollection.

Or that was the case, until the age of around ten or so.

The memory of that night was vivid, and it seemed to be stained into your brain, it's not something that you could imagine that you would ever forget.

You had spent the night at a friend's house, which was pretty rare considering that you mostly always stayed at home on your own free time when you were younger at that age.

You were so overjoyed and ecstatic, and so was your friend as you spent most of that night playing video games and at around midnight tried to watch the adult stuff that he had bragged about having access to on his T.V.

It wasn't until the next morning, that he had invited you to come into his basement to look at his dad's motorbike that was stored down there, that made the night so unforgettable and morbid.

At first, you didn't really know what it was, it seemed to be a jumble of hair, mixed with red clothes and gray clay. It was right by the motorbike that your friend was about to show off.

You didn't really think much of it, not even asking your friend about it at first since it was probably your eyes just playing tricks on you, it was pretty dim after all.

It was wasn't until you got closer.

The facial features, the blood, the bent limbs and the wriggling maggots that were feasting around its mouth and what was left of its nose.

You don't remember all that much after that.

Your dad told you that you had to be sent home since you wouldn't stop screaming or crying, when he reminisced the story to you he found it amusing.

Knowing what you do know, you didn't find it funny.

You didn't really fear it all that much either though.