Welcome to my final project! As someone who enjoyed choose your own adventures when I was younger, I thought I would use one to promote the health behavior I have chosen: staying hydrated! The story will follow a character who spends the day outside, presumably at a camp (yes, this is based on something I have a lot of experience with). Throughout the story, you will be able to choose to participate in many different activities that are generally camp related. Each activity will have a consequence, keep in mind that consequences aren't always negative!! Because the intended health behavior is in the title, it will be hard to not stay hydrated during this story. However, if you want to learn about the negative consequences of not drinking water, choose not to drink water during the game! Hopefully this works as a final project, enjoy!


PS - Tower will be the last activity you can do in this story. If you want a longer story, do tower last. If you want a shorter story, do tower close to the beginning.