Blamed for a terrorist attack on the National Intelligence Agency, special agent Brick Hunter is disavowed by the United State government. While the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) launches the 'ALPHA PROXI' Protocol. Forced into hiding, without the support of his own government or fellow agents, Hunter must betray his own organization to gather the necessary intelligence in clearing his name and identifying those responsible 


to prevent another attack from occurring.

In order to clear his name, former F.B.I agent Brick Hunter has to commit a few more felonies in the process.

He starts with breaking and entering into the house of leading F.B.I Agent Christian Komes. Komes is suspected to be withholding information regarding the case of the recent terrorist attack, which could prove Hunters innocence. Upon arriving outside of Agent Komes estate, former F.B.I agent Hunter surveils the property till dusk in awaiting Agent Komes departure from the premises, before making any attempts of a break and enter.

Following Agent Komes departure from his home, Hunter managed to identify 3 possible points of entry :

The Basement window.

The upstairs terce.

And the front door to the estate.