Story Arc, (universe backstory later)

Travel w/ Simeon for one intro sequence 

Get killed by golem dragon (progress impossible otherwise)

Wake up and become an "adventurer" or sellsword

Fight goblins (genocide and savior route, neutral route possible)

Deposit reward and get recognized as a super warrior a day later after sleep

Queen of kingdom enters you into a coliseum for a grander reward

Fight all the way to the last combatant (prob like two or three rounds)

When match is about to start, Goddess comes down and smites you

Gain a soul and kick her butt

Learn that she needs you as the last key to restart the world, and that there are three other alloyed, each with differing specialized abilities (i.e. ultimate sword abilities, ultimate magic skill, definately something else (you can help me there)) and Blue has ultimate knowledge gain

Pay an info broker to find info on their local

Get another quest for prob help the goblins (or you ideas, prob put them both in, and have variables to affect the ending)

Info broker finds vague info on them

you go out to find one of them

fight them and take its power, finding out its happy to lose its power to Blue, and is free from the Goddess' control

Fight another on, hear his recount of what the world will look like after a restart, finding out it will be a utopia

Fight the last one, finding out that this was her plan all along

Fight the goddess again, beating her

Take her power, and rule as a god.

Lum, asks to rule with you, the ending will be influenced by the variables youll get for each choice, like karma, good, bad, and neutral endings, but only one will be visible

Ending page to explain the world after the story long choice

A long time ago, in the void, two goddess met. One was full of light and could make the greatest of physical creations, she assembled constructs of nothing but her thoughts. The other goddess was but pure darkness, yet she harbored no hate. She could create anything aethereal from her fingertips. They had creations of their own before, but when they worked together, they made something wonderful. As a result of their combined effort, they made the world, a place of living and death. They realized that their world needed inhabitants, so they made man, and the animals who would live along them. Years upon years of learning and man had made their own creations, one of the most notable was civilization. Shortly after, Gaia, the earth itself took a job upon the wish of a dreamer and created a new machination, one that may rival man to their core. Alloyed life sprung from the ground, although early designs were less than perfect,. The goddess who created material from void saw the blasphemy of life without a soul, so she then became enraged, but curious. Man showed the curiosity to the alloyed and began to tinker with them, improving them, soon they looked similar to man. When the alloyed had taken that accursed form, they became corrupt, as of note from their glowing red eyes. Mass raids took place, killing only humans and destroying nothing else. Legends hunted them down and terminated them, few remain, and even fewer untouched by the corruption. Legend has it that there were three alloyed who were too strong for all legends, so they stayed in seclusion by their own will alone. Life for the people picked up after the massacre, yet those who made it out alive have scars on not only their body, but also their soul. As for the alloyed who didn't hold any corruption, they were destroyed due to fear. Your name is Blue, an alloyed from before the raids, and you assist a traveling merchant who took care of you when you were a pile of scrap.