A shady tavern in Nassau

"You look like you could use a drink, Captain."

You turn to see Victoria, your first mate. Her purple hair is tied back in a ponytail. It always seemed to be tied a little towards the left side of her head. The thought came up to question why, but you've learned from experience not to question a woman on her hairstyle.

"Way ahead of you, V," you say raising your cup from the bar top for emphasis.

"I'll have what he's having," she addresses towards the bartender.

"Got any news on The Sanguine?" you ask.

"Yeah, boss, and it's not good. Procter is working on the repairs now. He said we might need the hull replaced."

"I sure hope not," you reply.

“We've been through worse, Cap,” Victoria replies.

You take another sip from your cup. The latest job smuggling cargo for an English merchant paid well, but the damage sustained fleeing from a Spanish Galleon could very well cost the entire payout, or worse, put you in the hole. The wizard on board the Galleon hit The Sanguine with more than a few nasty spells. If Victoria didn't fire back with a perfectly aimed fire bolt, the entire ship might be at the bottom of the Caribbean.

“I sent Freddy to find us some work,” you say to Victoria. “Did he come back with anything?”

“Nothing yet,” she replies. “Although knowing Freddy, he probably got distracted by the nearest gambling hole.”

“He always comes through in the end, despite his tendencies,” you reply.

“What's next for you, Cap?” Victoria asks.

You finish the cup and slam it back down on the bar top. Sunlight pours into the poorly lit building through several open windows creating rectangular beams of yellow. You're reminded of the Caribbean heat each time a wave of warm air floods in. Your crew had certainly seen better days. The last three ships you targeted weren't carrying anything substantial. Your most recent job would have been a huge payday if not for the Galleon's attack. At least you managed to escape alive and with most of your crew. Victoria's former life as naval mage certainly came in handy there.


“Sorry, V. I must have zoned out for a second. My plan is to...”