Good day.

Good day.  As most of you are well aware, I am Dr. Gower, your colleague, and in some cases, depending on who you are, your professor in one of the innumerable literature and writing classes I teach here as Queenfalls University in the College of Arts and Sciences, Division of Humanities, Department of English.

I have just completed my one-semester sabbatical which I was requested to take early considering the events of last year. 

According to the impenetrable Faculty Handbook which appears in a poorly-proofread PDF on the university website,

"All faculty returning from sabbatical must offer the full faculty and administration a sabbatical presentation and report no latter (sic) than two weeks after the sabbatical is completed.  Advanced undergraduates who's (sic) major and research are closely related to the presenting faculty member's research may be invited as well.

The presentation shall last approximately twenty minutes and must comprehensively explain the faculty member's activities and progress to this point."